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Can you achieve Second Day hair without a Protective Style?

Of course you can!  Protective styles aren’t the only styles that can cut down on your morning routine.  Wash and go girlies can enjoy spending less time on their hair just as much as a protective wearer.  One just has to be diligent in keeping the tresses protected in other ways.

It’s no secret I am a wash and go queen.  I co-wash almost daily but I gotta be honest and tell you I tend to cheat on weekends.  I’m a second day or even third day hair girlie on many occasions.  Who always has time to jump in the shower and ‘go through the motions’ everyday?  I don’t and I’m sure most of you Naturals don’t have the time as well.

I had to really step back and evaluate how much of a wash and go queen I actually was.  I’ve been doing second and third day hair for quite a while and wasn’t even aware of it!  Many weekend mornings I am spritzing water and conditioner on my tresses before fluffing and rushing out the door.  Isn’t that really just second day hair?  Of course!  I thought it was about time I shared what I’ve done and what I’ve learned from others regarding second day hair.

1.  Satin bonnets or Satin pillowcases are key!  
They really are.  The curls might end up flattened but not broken.  Know what I mean?  They are easily fluffed back out after sleeping with that bonnet on or sleeping on that pillowcase.  I can’t really say one works better than the other.  I can only say if I wanna feel sexy I’ll sleep on the pillowcase and pass on the bonnet.  It’s really a personal choice Naturals.

2.  Keep spray bottles handy and full of your favorite refresher!  
That cannot be said enough.  Co-washing isn’t always necessary if you’ve got your spray bottle full of whatever concoction you use to moisturize your hair throughout the day.   Water, oil, and leave-in conditioner would be awesome in your spray bottle especially for those mornings.  Never thought about it, huh?  It can work wonders and necessary.  Don’t forget you’ve still got to seal those ends as well.

3.  Use those fingers but sparingly!  
That is also key.  You don’t want to manipulate the hair too much and disturb the curl, coil or kink so be careful.  Too much manipulation could easily turn into a bad morning as you find out you spent too much time fooling with it and have to jump in the shower anyway!  Minimal is key.  Let the first two steps do most of work and allow your fingers to only do the finishing touches. 

There are slight variations to those three steps and every Natural has to play with it to see what works for them.  Try the second day hair on a day you don’t plan on going anywhere.  You don’t wanna try this for the first time on a day you really need to get out of the house.  Practice makes perfect so practice on a day you’ve got the time to experiment. 

I truly believe Protective styles are any styles that allow you to protect your hair and that can be achieved in many ways. You can have your hair out with sealed ends and be just as healthy as traditional protective styles.  Wash and go girlies like myself can spend as little time as necessary in the morning if they prepare properly.  A prepared Natural is a happy Natural.

Keep those tresses protected Naturals,


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