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8 Tips For Taking Care of Natural Hair on a Tight Budget

6 Tips For Taking Care of Natural Hair on a Tight Budget

I cannot
count the amount of times I have heard “but isn’t it expensive to go natural”?
My answer always is, not if you don’t want it to be. Taking care of hair
regardless if natural, telexed, relaxed, or anything else does mean you need to
spend a little money however, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. If
I am honest, I think the spending mainly comes from those of us that like to
try out tons of different products. 

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If you are constantly buying x amount of
conditioners, leave-in conditions, shampoos, gelssouffles, pomades, creams,
etc. then yes, you might notice your wallet’s getting a little skinnier. In
most cases there is a cupboard somewhere in a dark and dusty place with half
used products that keeps piling up. That is where it seems to become
“expensive”. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with trial and error to
find the staples however, all of that can be done methodically.

Now, DIY is
not for everyone. Some of us prefer just purchasing something ready-made and
there is no harm in that. However, your hair does not need 5 different
conditioners, 3 different leave-in conditioners and 3 different gels and your
wallet needs it even less! These are a few things that I found that helped me
out with my hair care while not leaving me broke at the end of the month.

Check your
Read the ingredients at the back of your products. 

If you notice there
are common ingredients that are found in most of your favorite products make
note of them. Whenever you next want to try something new check if the
ingredients are there, if they’re not, try to fight the urge to purchase it
because chances are it will be classified as a “fail” product for your hair
once you try it.

Revisit Old
Sometimes the “fail” happens when it comes to the application process.
Instead of buying a whole new line, try revisit some of the old products you
have stashed away, who knows they might work out this time with a little
tweaking to your application process.

Try it
Instead of buying “Coconut Oil for hair from brand x” get a bottle
pure virgin Coconut Oil from your supermarket or Asian store. It will last you
much longer! Plus, chances are the “hair oil” doesn’t contain quite as much
Coconut Oil as you think. (Again check the back of the bottle, the only
ingredient in Coconut Oil should be Coconut Oil, not a combo of other random

Make your
There is so much information and ‘how to’ videos on the Internet that will
allow you to make your own products for half the price of store bought stuff.
Once you have the raw ingredients at home you can remake the recipes several times
over (trust me). Plus you will know each individual ingredient you are applying
onto your hair and scalp, knowledge is power!

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Buy Wisely:
If I know my hair likes one particular product I can only get from one
particular store, don’t make the excuse of trying another place because chances
are you won’t find the product but you will walk out with yet another “must

Give yourself a particular day in the month when you will allow
yourself to buy or restock your products and don’t let yourself stray. Sporadic
shopping leads to sporadic purchases!

Look for
You will often find Buy One Get One (BOGO) offers advertised online, you
might get online deals, coupons etc., they can save your wallet!

if your friend bought a product your hair likes and hers doesn’t, swap
products. There might be product swap events in your local area too so check
online (the internet is your friend).

[Via Global Couture]

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