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5 Last-Minute Natural Hairstyles To Rock For The Holidays

Boston Proper, Inc.

If you are anything like me you are still not sure how to wear your hair for the upcoming holiday gatherings. Forget about New Year’s…you cannot even figure out what to do for today!  No worries my lovely Naturals, I got you. 

I’ve got videos of 5+ quick hairstyles to rock no matter the length, porosity, cleanliness (oh yea, that is a factor) or how much time you got.  All can be achieved within minutes and will have you looking like you spent hours on your perfect do for tonight, tomorrow and even for New Year’s!

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Simple Low Faux Bun on Natural Hair

My Natural Sistas always comes through!  An old style is transformed into a ultra elegant low bun that only need Marley hair to achieve.  Perfect for just getting out of the TWA or just if in a hurry and need a quick look to rescue your night.  Beauty meets diva with her added headband.

Quick Natural Hair Updo with Scarf

Emmy8405 shows us just how a little quick planning or better yet, not planning will yield a gorgeous do for the holidays that is slightly protective but all the way festive.  Choose a festive scarf or one that just knocks your outfit right into glam.  

Quick Hairstyle on “Natural Hair”

Styles created from old hairstyles is always a winner since we feel trapped and wonder how to salvage a look.  SimplYounique rocks a beautiful waterfall updo that has messiness, sophistication and flair captured in one glammed hairstyle. Easy to create with no need for worry.

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7 TWA Hairstyles on Natural Hair

TWA has always been a struggle for some naturals when looking for different styles but RyMingTahn shows 7, yup 7 styles that are ideal for going out in style!  She puts some gorgeous headbands, hats and ideas together so you can feel just as beautiful as you look.  The biggest component necessary is creativity!

A Quick Messy Bun

A messy bun is always a winner for quickness, cuteness and style.  Not feeling it dressed up enough?  Add some bling with a sparkling headband, sequins or even holidays bells!  Yea, I said that and yes, they have them.  Check out Target or a BSS.  Rock the messy bun with flair and sophistication and remember you look amazing!

Have fun and Happy Holidays Naturals,

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by Sasha-Shae at Mode


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