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3 Best Oils for Winter Skin & Hair Care

3 Best Oils for Winter Skin & Hair Care

As the weather gets colder, dry skin and scalp run rampant unless you take the necessary preventative measures.  Aside from that, hair tends to lose moisture very fast and needs additional protection from the elements. One great way to accomplish all of this is by incorporating oils into your regimen. 

Not only will oil supply additional nutrients and vitamins to the hair and skin, but it will also help to lock in moisture and impart shine. It’s nothing new that in order to retain moisture you need to seal it in with oil, but which ones will be beneficial to use in the winter? Here are the top 3 oils to use for your hair and skin during the winter months.

Aside from being a great cooking oil, olive oil has a lot of amazing benefits for skin and hair. Chock full of Vitamin E and A, olive oil has amazing anti-aging properties, treats inflammation, acne, and also aids in the moisturization of excessively dry skin and hair. This oil has the power to both regenerate skin cells and help improve the elasticity of the skin. The best way to reap the full benefits of its anti-aging properties is to apply a small amount of olive oil to your skin before heading to bed on a daily basis. 

In addition to that, olive oil also promotes hair growth, acts as a natural conditioner, imparts shine and treats itchy scalp and dandruff which is especially important to keep in mind during the winter months. Due to its thick nature, olive oil is a great component to add to your hair care regimen if you’re looking to protect your hair from the harsh, cold climate.

Argan Oil is fairly new in the natural hair care scene and has proven itself to be a staple. Although this oil is rather lightweight, it packs an impressive amount of vitamins and nutrients that are essential to the health and healing of the hair and skin. This oil absorbs very easily and isn’t greasy which is perfect for those women who don’t like using heavy oils. 

Argan Oil is also great to use in order to restore the hair’s softness and shine, combat frizz and encourage healthy growth. Since the oil is high in Vitamin E, it helps boost cell reproduction which is important when dealing with slow or stagnant hair growth.

Rich in potassium, Vitamin E, protein, Vitamin A, Vitamin K, fiber, folate, Vitamin B6, Vitamin C and protein, Avocado oil is a natural hair and skin healer. Since it is close to the natural composition of the oils our skin naturally produces, it is easily absorbed and able to aid the skin and hair in healing. This is great when dealing with rough, cracked skin. 

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Avocado oil also contains anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties which is vital when treating skin conditions that may flare up during the winter such as eczema or psoriasis. The fatty richness of avocado is good for healing, moisturizing, and protecting the hair as it contains most of the nutrients and vitamins that are produced in our sebum. Because of this fact, the oil is absorbed easily into the hair and scalp so that it seals in moisture and protects the hair from the elements.


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