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The Holidays, Your Family & Natural Hair

The Holidays, Your Family & Natural Hair

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Ah, the holidays.
  They officially start in a few weeks with Thanksgiving, but if newly natural you may be worried about how to rock your hair for the next few weeks in front of family.  You may be finding yourself surrounded by the most critical loved ones who have no problems telling you how much weight you gained or digging into your love life and of course…giving unwanted comments on your hair!

Don’t get me wrong….most of them truly mean well and since they don’t get to see you on a regular basis the questions or comments can come spewing out before they’ve even had a chance to think about it.  If this is your first holiday sporting your newly natural hair it can be stressful and intimidating but it can be a symbolic hurdle you need to get over to make this journey work.  Not everyone who decides to go natural STAYS NATURAL and I’m afraid to say that sometimes it’s our family who change our minds.

Now to the productive part of this post.  Whether you are transitioning or did the big chop, working with what you’ve got takes time and if you are still a little bewildered about what style works for you, make it as simple as possible.  If you are truly not comfortable letting it all hang out then sport a wig, braids or even a cute little beanie to block the naysayers in their tracks.  

No one says you have to forgo the festivities because you don’t know how to style your hair or you are still trying to find what products that work.  A cute beanie , scarf or hat can be dressed up or down and you can find really cute ones at several stores like Target, Forever 21, Charlotte Russe and the like.  Now, if you have mastered your hair or have a favorite style that makes you feel like a million bucks then by all means sport it!  Whatever style you choose can be dressed up or down with lovely accessories that are found just about everywhere.

I’ve seen a ton on EBay, but don’t forget our favorite Charming Charlie which to me has the best selection of accessories for any outfit you can imagine.  The goal is to feel comfortable and have fun with the some of the most critical people we all know and love. 

Bottom line….we are supposed to be wearing our hair the way we want but in reality, this may be new to you or you may have a resisting family to Natural hair.  That’s why finding ways to feel your best can get you through it.  Practice some styles, look on YouTube for style ideas or just ask a friend to check out what works.  Whether they say nothing at all, throw all kinds of praises at you or if they sneer or spew ugly words remember this is about you so don’t make it about them.  

Many of them may not have embraced natural hair but you’ve got thousands of us out here cheering you on and you are beautiful regardless what any person may say.

There are more than enough issues at our family functions to be worried about.  So try taking our hair out of the equation, get the focus off of you and back onto that drunk uncle that just fell out of his chair for the third time in one night.  

Keeping the holidays as stressLESS as one can Naturals,




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  1. December 17, 2012 / 2:20 pm

    Hi. Thank for this great and timely post. I was dreading this holiday with the family as I BC'd for the fourth time Dec 1st. In my search for a good curly stylist, my hair was trimmed and 'corrected' to the point that it no longer had a nice shape when curly. So I chopped it off again to a 3inch TWA.

    I know for a fact I'm gonna get beef from the elders of the family, well meant but annoying nonetheless. But I'm more confident this time around and anticipate experiencing each length milestone as they come.

    I will be looking for some of the those beautiful accessories you have pictured above. I feel I can take more chances and be more creative with different styles.

    Thanks again

    • January 3, 2013 / 9:52 am

      Good for you! So sorry for taking so long to reply. The holiday can be rough with well-intended family members and the grouchy ones can always find you when you are not feeling your best. I'd love to know how it went. Happy New Year!