The 5 Most Wearable Trending Colors of Fall 2015

The 5 Most Wearable Trending Colors of Fall 2015

dark colors have been worn during the cooler months of winter and autumn;
however, this fall season brings about a welcomed change as more colorful shades and hues are finding a place in wardrobes everywhere. 

According to the
Pantone Color Institute’s 2015 Fall Fashion Color Report, the 2015 Fall Color
Palette is a mix of dark neutral color and subtle pops of unisex colors that
differ greatly from the color trends of previous seasons. We’ve taken the
guesswork out of your color selection with this list of The 5 Most Wearable
Trending Colors of Fall 2015.

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50 Shades of Gray

may be the popularity of the book trilogy and movie, but shades of gray is one
of the most noticeable color trends taking the runways by storm this fall. Gray
is a classic, neutral color that flatters most skin tones and hair colors. If
you’re looking for a professional, polished look, then gray is your color.  

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Herbal Essence

and olive green are no longer restricted to military fatigues and hunting gear.
Shades of hunter, sage and olive greens were popular on catwalks around the
globe and are definitely trending this fall. This color may not be the first
choice for many, but wearing sage green gives off a sophisticated, classy vibe that is not easily duplicated.

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All Black

is a staple in the fashion world. Not only does wearing black make you appear
slimmer, the color never goes out of style and compliments any other color it
is paired with. It is only natural that black would make this season’s list of
hot, trending colors.

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Lady in Red

Fall 2015 color palette is not limited to just dark, earthy colors and tones.
This fall, designers across the board have unveiled winter garments in various
shades of red, scarlet and crimson. From coats and scarves, to pants and boots,
red is surely this season’s “go-to” color.

A Fine Wine

red wine shade, better known as Marsala, was named the official Color of 2015
by the Pantone Color Institute and the reason is evident. Shades of burgundy
and hues of maroon are sexy, seductive and look good on almost everyone,
especially women of color. Warm and earthy, this color also makes for an
excellent shade of lipstick, blush or nail polish.

Have fun this fall with fashion,

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