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Return To Natural Hair Successfully This Time With These Four Tips

Return to natural hair successfully even if it's been your 2nd or your 10 time trying. Check out our top tips to get it right for the last time!

Going natural again? Thinking about giving it another go to return to natural hair for the 2nd, 3rd, or umpteenth time? Who cares if this is your 2nd or your 10th time going natural. Our goal is for it to be your last. The objective is to go natural successfully and happily. Can that even be done? Sure, it can! Just check out some tips we’ve constructed to ensure your path is less stressful, less expensive and less full of headaches this time around.

Natural Hair vs Relaxed Hair: They Are Not The Same, So Know The Differences

Look, no one said going natural would be easy. You’ve had years of experience dealing with relaxed hair as your grew up so you didn’t learn overnight. Realizing that first will aid in your patience needed to do it this time and get it right.  No need to beat yourself up over what happened in the past, so check out what tips will make it better this time around.

How To Return To Natural Hair Successfully


Return to natural hair by putting in the time needed for success

Like I said above, going natural is not a cake walk for most women. First off, you must learn how to care for your natural tresses along with trying new products, tips and tricks that you’ve never had to do before. The best way to handle it is to not expect to learn everything over night. You need patience to learn your hair, learn the techniques as well as understand this is a lifestyle change and not just a hairstyle change up.

I think far too many women think it’s as simple as learning a new hairstyle and when they see it takes more than that, they no longer want to partake.  This is a process that takes time to master. Once you realize that fact and  become open to learning over TIME you will see improvement in your natural hair journey.

Return to natural hair successfully even if it's been your 2nd or your 10 time trying. Check out our top tips to get it right for the last time!

Get the right tools, and I don’t just mean styling tools!

I cannot tell you how much relaxed hair styling tools, hair products and mindsets I had when I first went natural. I thought I didn’t have to change anything and it would all work out. WRONG! Relaxed hair has specific needs and so does natural hair. From a satin bonnet to a leave in conditioner to a wide-tooth comb, there are specific hair tools necessary to maintain and keep natural hair healthy. It’s not the same so don’t expect to use the same tools to care for it.


I am never going to say going natural is super expensive. I just don’t BELIEVE that. The initial start up will be pricey as you need a lot to get going, but once you have your hair care arsenal, you will lower your weekly or monthly bill drastically. These necessary tools aid in gaining healthy hair that thrives and looks amazing. Take this heed and get what your hair NEEDS.

Learning To Love and Accept Your Natural Hair

There are a lot of women who covet loose curls or coils. Well, as the natural movement is about accepting one’s own texture, not everyone is accepting if their tresses are not 3B or 3C. All textures of hair are beautiful and while you see more women being fawned over with looser curls patterns, real naturals know all hair is good, can be healthy and worth loving at all times.

Look, there are a lot of issues in our community from colorism to coons, but while others may fight over who is right, we natural hair bloggers try and steer newbies in the right direction. All hair textures require care and love and can create amazing styles that have us all fawning over them. Learn to care for what your texture needs and allow it to thrive. Whether you opt for wash and gos, or love a massive twist out, accept your hair’s look, feel and texture and maintain a healthy head full of hair. We are beautiful in every shade of brown and black and once you realize that, your journey will become sweeter.

There is not right or wrong way at going natural

I say this to ensure you understand that this is your own personal journey and you don’t have to do it like everyone else. Even going natural your 2nd or even your 10 time is the right way to do it! You can BC, transition, rock a wig or braids while your hair grows out. It’s up to you and no one should be telling you you must choose a path they did. Everyone is different. We all have our own DNA shaping us, our health, diet and even our climate all factor into how you will care for your hair. The only thing I suggest is taking care of it along the way.


When you return to natural hair, never neglect your strands if under a wig or weave and wash it regularly. Keep it moisturized and protected and watch is thrive. It may grow quicker or slower than others but don’t compare to others, even if they are in your family. Our hair is unique, just like you so treat it as such.

Are you ready to return to natural hair now that you’ve got the tips needed for success? Let me know below!



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