What’s Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

The fall season is officially upon on us and as the temperatures change, so does the fashion, makeup and hair. Autumn is a fun time for fashion, as the cooler temps allow for more versatility and options when choosing outfits and styling hair. For women of color with natural hair, the fall ushers in the time for protective styling and intense hydration methods. So, how can you style your natural hair and stay on top of the latest fashion trends? It’s easier than you think. Here are 3 ways your natural hair can complement this fall’s hottest fashion trends.

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

Victorian Era with Protection

Top knots, big buns, braids and twists have been favorite protective styles for women with natural hair during the fall and winter months. These hairstyles not only protect our delicate strands from the elements, they are timeless and trending, yet again, this fall. 

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

Lucky for us, these protective hairstyles look amazing with many of the hottest fashions that are also trending this 2015 fall season. This season’s most fashion worthy trends are definitely inspired by the Victorian-era. Ruffles, lace, high collars and elegant sleeves are reminiscent of the 19th century and pair amazingly well with a classic bun or top knot, loose goddess braids and messy, twisted up-dos. 

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair
Photo courtesy of Chronicles Of A Curly Girl

Calling All Bobs

The faux-bob is a versatile style that serves many purposes. It gives the illusion of having had an amazing cut without actually snipping your tresses. The faux bob is also a protective style as it keeps the ends of your hair tucked away and safe from the damage that sweaters, scarves and the weather can cause. 

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

This hairstyle nicely compliments some of the more masculine fashions that are hot and trending this fall, such as monochromatic gray suits and loafers for women. Sporting a faux-bob softens and adds a touch of femininity to these otherwise androgynous trends.

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

70’s Retro Afro Chic

The Afro is the hairstyle that epitomizes natural hair and there’s no time like this fall to rock the style. The best part about the Afro now is there is no requirement for it to be round.  With miniskirts, high-waist pants and over-the-knee boots all being popular fashions this fall, there’s no question as to why Afros of all sizes and shapes are also trending. 

Rocking an Afro with a brightly colored mini or a pair of high-waist pants is the epitome of 70’s glamour.

What's Hot This Fall For Natural Hair

The sky’s the limit so express yourself with these great natural hairstyles that will compliment any outfit beautifully.  Fashion is fluid and so is natural hair so have fun with it, protect it and welcome the cool temps with sexy style!

Have fun with your hair this fall Naturals,

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