Natural Hair Terms – Dusting & Search and Destroy

Natural Hair Terms - Dusting & Search and Destroy

It’s that time again…to clue you into some more natural hair terms that may be confusing to newly naturals or even seasoned ones.  It’s truly OK to say you don’t know or you don’t know the difference between some terms as many of these terms are ambiguous.  It’s time to clear the fog around some of them and get everyone on the same page. 

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What is Dusting?

This is a trimming technique where you take off such a small amount of your ends that it looks like dust on the floor, hence the name.  It’s a much smaller amount compared a regular trim since you are taking off about 1/4 an inch.

This is a great way to fight off split ends before they start and if you regularly see single-strand or fairy knots. This is usually done at home and every 6 to 8 weeks (if needed) and make sure to use the proper shears!  like ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS Scissors.  

**Don’t cheapen out by getting regular old scissors as you may create a more disastrous problem so consider this an investment and get some good ones.  I got some from Sally’s Beauty Supply but didn’t get the most expensive nor the cheapest. 

What is Search and Destroy?

A bit on the time-consuming side but great for the naturals concerned with holding onto as much as as possible. You are taking small sections of hair (about an inch) and searching for split ends, knots, or frays.  Cut about 1/4 above the split end or knot to ensure all the damaged hair is removed.  

Again, this is time consuming but can be done as often as you like and can be just something you do when watching TV, or whatever.  Make sure to use the right shears and to have proper lighting.  Many naturals do this in between regulars trims. 

It’s all about proper maintenance so remember trims are a necessary component of healthy hair.

Take care Naturals,



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