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5 Simple Ways to Combat Tangles On Wash Day

5 Simple Ways To Combat Tangles On Wash Day

Wash day
can take a toll on you, especially if your hair is prone to 
tangles and knots. I know I’ve sat back and watched Naptural85’s videos
in awe as to how easily she finger detangles hair that’s twice the length and
thickness of mine with such ease, while it takes me at least an hour. 

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There are
a number of different ways to implement 
detangling into your
regimen in order to cut down on time, effort, and frustration, but here are the
top 5 ways you can combat tangles on wash day.

Your Ends

Many of
us forget that the health of our ends plays a pivotal role in many
detangling being one of them.
Since this is the oldest part of the hair, it requires a lot more TLC,
which most of us don’t do. If your ends tangle/knot up easily and are dry,
chances are they need to be trimmed due to damage. 

Not trimming away damaged hair can
lead to knots, tangles, and unnecessary breakage, not to mention the fact that
they will make detangling a nightmare. Once your ends are trimmed, make it a point to moisturize,
seal and protect them weekly so that the hair can remain healthy and strong.


pre-poo is the
act of pre-conditioning your hair before it is shampooed. You can use a cheap conditionerolive oilcoconut oil, a deep conditioner or whatever works
for your hair. By doing so, the conditioner or oil supplies the hair with
moisture so that the hair is not stripped of it after it is washed. Pre-pooing
can aid in your detangling process due to the fact that you can have the chance
to detangle before you wash your hair. 

Since the pre-poo pretty much acts as a deep
conditioner of sorts, it will allow the hair to become more pliable so that it
can detangle easier. While pre-pooing doesn’t have to be done in sections, if
you are planning to detangle your hair before shampooing, dividing your hair
into workable sections will allow the detangling process to go a little

Hair in Braids

pre-pooing, you can leave your hair in the sections that you’ve made, braid
them up and shampoo your hair that way. By
braiding the hair before shampooing, it allows the hair to remain detangled if
it was detangled beforehand. 

Since the
hair will not tangle together due to the friction of shampooing, the only part you will have to
worry about possibly detangling again are your roots. If your hair is more
prone to tangling while it’s in braids or twists, then you probably should omit
this step. 

Hair Taught While Washing

If you
are someone who cannot wash in braids or twists due to the nature of your hair,
another solution would be to hold the hair taught with one hand while you are
shampooing the scalp with the other. 

This will
also reduce the chances of the hair tangling up from the friction of shampooing
since the hair is remaining stretched and not given the chance to wrap around
itself and tangle. When doing this method you will want to work in sections, so
this works great after pre-poo detangling as well. 

with Slip

This may
seem like an obvious step, but find a conditioner that gives you good slip.
When you finally find a conditioner that makes detangling a breeze, you will
literally thank the natural hair Gods for its existence and wonder how you ever
managed to live without it. 

hair is different so you will need to try a few different conditioners before you find the
perfect one. Most naturals lean toward products that contain vegetable glycerin since it helps
with detangling, but if your hair doesn’t agree with glycerin you may want to
look into products that contain aloe vera and other detangling aids. 

These are
only a few of many different methods you can contribute to your regimen if
you’re looking to cut down on the detangling process. The best thing to do is
listen to your hair and the way it reacts to your current regimen. 

If it’s
constantly tangling and breaking, you may need more moisture or protein, if
your hair tangles the most when you wear it out, try to wear more protective
styles, and etc. Once you discover how to reduce the amount of tangles your
hair produces, wash day will soon become a breeze. 

Keeping washday simple Naturals,



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