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5 Natural Ingredients Used In Beauty & Make Up Products

5 Natural Ingredients Used In Beauty & Make Up Products

Make up plays an important role while dressing up. Thanks to the advance in research, a lot of natural products are being used in make up as well as beauty products. People have woken up to the fact that naturally made products are better for their skin than others containing harmful chemicals. Here are 5 common natural products that are being widely used in various beauty and makeup India products.

Sugar is considered to be an excellent form of natural exfoliator. Not only do the sugar granules help to get rid of the skin impurities but they are also known to soften the skin tissues considerably. A common complaint that most people have is of dried out blackened elbows. No matter what remedies are tried, the dry scaly skin on the elbows never seems to go away. 

One of the natural ways of getting rid of dry elbows is mixing sugar and lemon juice in equal quantity. Then rub the mixture on your dry elbows till the sugar granules dissolve into your skin. This way, the dissolved sugar works into the skin and makes it soft and supple.

Most of the chamomile extracts used in products are derived from flower heads. Chamomile is good for soothing inflamed skin and replenishes the moisture balance in dry skin. Many creams and lotions that are easily available in the market contain chamomile extracts.

Marshmallows are actually natural flowers that are widely found in Australia. The roots of the flowers are processed to derive the much in demand marshmallow extract. This extract is known to be beneficial in soothing, moisturizing and brightening skin. Thanks to these qualities, marshmallow extracts have made their way into numerous beauty creams and lotions manufactured for dry skin.


Arnica belongs to the same family of flowers as sunflowers. Arnica extract is derived from the flower heads. It is characterized as being beneficial in removing puffiness around eyes and soothing sore muscles and pains. As a result, a lot of soothing creams and ointments are made with Arnica as their primary component.

Rose Oil
Rose oil is also known to be extremely beneficial for skin care. Rose hip oil and wild rose oil, especially, are used in various products to enhance their beautification properties and make the product even more useful.

Using products containing natural ingredients is always beneficial. Use them for a great looking skin.

Lisa Lyttle is a beauty expert and a party animal.


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