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5 Natural Hair Tips I Learned From Traveling To The Bahamas

5 Natural Hair Tips I Learned From Traveling To The Bahamas


My Bahamas vacation was LONG overdue. Me and MP haven’t been out the country in 6 long years and I was itching to get away.  I was starting a new job (self-employed) and needed a refresher or a reboot switch and a week-long trip to the Bahamas was the perfect place to do it!

While I was away I picked up on a few tips that helped during the trip so I wasn’t so worried about my hair. I am a lazy Natural (not neglectful, just not into intricate styles) so I wanted to ensure that my routine was simple, quick and easy to manage so we could have optimal fun.  Here are tips I found that worked great for me and probably will do well for your next trip abroad or even cross the country.

Satin Pillowcase
I thought ahead on this one. I always sleep on a satin pillowcase but when I often go out of town I just bring a scarf (next tip!). It finally dawned on me that some nights I’m too…um…tipsy to remember my scarf so I picked up an extra one at and brought it along. (It’s the zippered one too!) Super simple, super cheap (less than $10) and I needed it a few nights as I was pretty tipsy all week long!

Scarf/ Loc Soc/ Dreadlock Cap
This tip was a must!  Bring your own scarf, cap, Loc Soc…whatever you prefer or do like me…bring all of ’em.  Let me break it down for you… First off, planes are nasty!  I never like to lie my head back on that headrest so I put on my scarf and lulled myself off to dreamland.  I simply pull it off when we land and my hair is perfect.

5 Natural Hair Tips I Learned From Traveling To The Bahamas

Secondly, you need them for some tours.  Many tours, like the ATV tours requires the participants wear a helmet.  OK, those are recyclable helmets meaning any and everybody has been wearing them and if in the tropics you can imagine what may be lurking in them!  I’m sure they clean them but I’ll never take chances with my hair.  I simply put on my Loc Soc and was ready. Those are just two examples on when you may need one so throw ’em in the bag because they take up NO ROOM and I promise you…you will be happy you brought one!

Bring Your Own Products
This is kind of a no-brainier but I’ve been known to forget a product or two and regretted it.  Everywhere you go is not natural hair friendly meaning they may not have your products or ANY products for you to pick up.  Plus it can be pricey if they do have it so plan ahead and think of what you plan on using while away.
For me that was:

Tons of brands have travel sets like Curls or WENso that is an option but since I’m so extra I just brought my regular bottles.

Bring Tons Of Your Favorite Cheapy Conditioner
If you are planning on swimming whether it is a pool, creek, river or ocean, then bring your favorite cheap conditioner to save your tresses from damage from chlorine, salt-water or whatever else is lurking in there.

Wetting your hair and adding a conditioner will help keep the chlorine, salt-water, etc. out so buy a big bottle of some cheap conditioner to slather and protect your hair when swimming.

KISS (Keep It Simple Sista!)
Yes, the object is to have fun so have lots of it and not worry about your hair.  I opted for simple wash and go hair and wet my hair during the shower every morning, raked in some conditioner and gel and went on my merry way.  For me that is the easiest style so whatever is the simplest style for you make sure you do that.
Do not spend time on twisting, braiding, curling your hair everyday and just wear a style that will allow you to get out quickly and enjoy our vacation.  Make your trip as carefree as possible so if that means getting a protective style before the trip then do that.  It’s about enjoying yourself and your companions.

I loved the Bahamas and I loved how I made the trip simple for my hair.  Make your next trip just as easy too.

Happy vacationing Naturals,


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