Tuesday, October 6, 2015

4 Step Wash & Go On 4C Natural Hair

4 Step Wash & Go On 4C Natural Hair

The wash & go is such a hugely popular natural hairstyle that is not used nearly enough from naturals in the 4 category.  I find that odd and sad as this style is not limited in any shape, form or fashion.  You wash and go and rock your naturals coils, kinks and curls.  Hellooo!  That's about it and that's why I wanted to share this super quick, highly sexy wash & go being styled by a 4C (yes, you read correctly), 4C youtuber named Jenn J.

Jenn J. loves her natural tresses and she knows how to rock gorgeous styles including the coveted wash & go. Her technique is pretty similar to mine and I have 3C/4A coils.  I love this video and thought it would be great to share because her 2nd day regimen shows how simple it is to revive even the most flattened hair.  Great to see just how easily it can be done.

4 Steps...4 simple steps to a glorious wash & go that looks as it should.  

Wash - as you would normally cleanse your hair whether that is with shampoo, clay or cowash and she enlists the help of a shampoo brush too. 

Deep condition - Yes!  This is vital after every single wash.  Do not skip it...ever.

Apply gel - I love and need gel as it staves off frizz for me. I know many may not like it but you may just be using the wrong one. 

Revive - It only takes some water, oil and an Afro pick for her technique to revive 2nd and even 3rd day hair. 

Products Used:
Eden Body Works Moisturizing Shampoo
Eden Body Works Hair Treatment Masque
Eden Body Works Curl Defining Creme
Eden Body Works Hair Oil

It's no secret. I absolutely LOVE the wash & go!  I rock it about 95% of the time and no I do not have big, bouncy curls or can just wake up the next day and shake out my hair.  I do not have what some would consider "ideal" hair for a wash-n-go and you know what I say to that?  Stop allowing others to define your standard of beauty!

Some just feel if your hair does not curl or coil a particular way then it is not worthy of the wash & go.  So, stop looking for the perfect curl, kink or coil and realize it is already on your head. Have fun and give this beautiful style a try. 


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