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4 Important Tips For Fall-Ready Hair

4 Important Tips for fall-ready hair

Baby, it’s cold outside!  Okay, so mother nature has not yet gifted us with freezing temperatures, but despite the confusing sometimes-warm days, we are knee-deep in fall! Temps are dropping and the air is getting drier. Moisturization is the key ingredient in warding off breakage this fall. Here are some tips on how to do so.


Drink more water: Your hair and your body!
Proper hair care starts on the inside. Keep yourself healthy by taking vitamins you may be lacking and by drinking more water. Keep your body happy, and your hair will also be happy. Moisturizing your hair regularly is EXTREMELY important to preventing breakage. Every time you unwrap your hair, spritz it a bit with water and coat the ends with your favorite oil. You should be moisturizing, if not every day, every other day.

Wash less, deep condish more!
I abide by this policy despite what season, but this is super important in the drier seasons. Washing your hair strips your hair of its natural oils which protect your hair and help with growth. Less humidity means drier hair which means more susceptibility to breakage. Deep conditioning helps to restore and lock in more moisture. Adding heat after the application of your deep conditioner helps penetrate your kinks, allowing your deep conditioning session to be more effective.


As we all know, water is our hair’s favorite moisturizer. Makes sense, because you know water is the most natural thing to our bodies. However! It is not enough to moisturize daily with water; sealing is key to retaining moisture! Remember the oil and water science experiment in high school, where the oil wouldn’t mix with the water, but would instead sit on top of it? Our hair works the same way! 

Oil keeps the water from being wicked away by anything and everything. Despite my little spiel, I would advise switching sealants as the we transition from fall to winter. Oil works every time, but a thick butter would work as a better sealant when the temps are colder and the air is more dry. I have yet to make the switch over due to the product, buildup, but that’s a small price to pay to keep the kinks well saturated.

Protective Styling
This is probably my favorite tip. I love playing dress up, and my hair feels the same way! Nothing is more prettier about fall than increasing the variety of colors of your head scarves and turbans. This is probably my favorite form of protective styling, but the options these days are limitless! 


Anything you can do to protect your ends is beneficial to your hair with the colder temps. Buns, updos, extensions, and most popular this year, crochet braids, are all great ways to keep the ends tucked away. The key to protective styling is low manipulation and regular moisturizing. So whatever protective style you’re rocking, be sure that you are still able to properly moisturize your hair!

[by Sophonie via My Hair Crush]


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