Who Made My Clothes? Eco-Friendly & Ethical Fashion Trends For Fall 2015

Who Made My Clothes? Eco-Friendly & Ethical Fashion Trends For Fall 2015

Green fashion movement is taking over our everyday wear by storm, and it looks better than ever. In the previous decade, designers were soul-searching in a way and were not exactly in sync with the main fashion trends. While pushing the envelope, clothing manufacturers have also presented us with an abundance of choices that don’t scream “eco-friendly” at first look, but they are. 

It has never been easier to be green than this fall, and it feels amazing too! Join us for our selection of season favorites with an overview of their production backstory.

Who Made My Clothes? Eco-Friendly & Ethical Fashion Trends For Fall 2015

Shape and style 
Although there are some examples of baggy and oversized designs, the contour is undeniably feminine for majority of clothing makers. Whether it is a power pantsuit, Victorian like ensembles with ruffles, lace and high cuffs or floor-length wool coats, you can make it green by hand-picking the manufacturers that have a transparent eco practice and background. The oriental influence has also found its place in current fall fashion. You can follow it with opting for red tint and oriental prints and embroidery.

Focus on material 
Whatever you buy, be mindful of the sustainability and ethical production of fabrics and clothes. The inevitable organic cotton resides in our closets all year round, and fall is not an exception. The current chic pick is a striking white shirt that hit the runways with yet another twist.

Who Made My Clothes? Eco-Friendly & Ethical Fashion Trends For Fall 2015

Hand-woven silk is also an unfailing option for environmentally conscious and fashionable people. Slip dresses are coming back this autumn, and you can combine it with pants underneath. Famous Céline and Boss sport it in their collections for 2015. 

As for controversial fur, it is present in details in offer of big names like Balenciaga, Prada and Louis Vuitton. We advise you to look for eco counterparts in collections of H&M, Stella McCartney or some small-scale brands that are equally awesome. Fair trade fur, like wild beaver from Canada will make us both warm and wildlife-friendly.

Vintage and repurposed 
Similar to underwear-as-outerwear idea visible in slip dresses, the trend of wearing interior as exterior-wear is another addition to the fall fashion of 2015. Intricate wallpaper and furniture designs are being replicated on fabrics for a fantastic vintage effect. 

Comparable pieces can be found in local vintage shops. Likewise, patchwork is making its return in form of full body pieces, and the models of Valentino, Tom Ford and Calvin Klein certainly testify. The good news is that you can make it yourself!

Price range 
The factor of eco-clothes affordability is becoming less of an issue as many large companies are adopting or working to adopt green materials and production procedures. Further reduction of carbon footprint is obtainable by searching for a piece made in your area. If you can’t seem to find brands that are eco-friendly in your neighbourhood,  do not despair. People Tree,  Mayamiko, Bibico and other eco-friendly fashion brands let you buy those organic dresses online!

Humane principles 
Let’s not turn our heads to the uncompassionate practices involved in the production process of majority of clothing lines today. Thankfully, the kind word is spreading to put a final stop to it. Some online brand webshops even provide the information on organic and fair trade material origin and proof of ethical production. Notoriously used sweatshops are shunned for such as the ones that now exist in India, Bangladesh or Peru. The movement brought back the smile on workers faces and professional dignity.

Who Made My Clothes? Eco-Friendly & Ethical Fashion Trends For Fall 2015

This season have finally made it possible to have our cake and eat it too. Cutting edge fashion has received a worthy competitor that placed two major components on the table: sustainability and ethical.



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