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Revisiting Old Natural Hair Products

Revisiting Old Natural Hair Products

No, not to an old boyfriend or husband.  Goodness…if you left them in the past then they need to STAY in the past.  I mean back to an old hair trick that was working JUST fine until you found another great trick and before you knew it you stopped using the old one.  Do you even REMEMBER why you abandoned it in the first place?  Yea, I’m talking about tricks, techniques, and products that were working just fine earlier in your Natural hair journey.

Perfect example: 

I love Kinky Curly products.  It’s no secret.  Well, when I first started using them I only co-washed with Knot Today Conditioner.  I hadn’t tried Aubrey Organics yet.  I was co-washing and lightly rinsing in the shower before applying KC Curly Custard after the shower.  It gave me such tangle-free curls that I was hooked!  

Somewhere along the way I became aware of needing a protein conditioner and found GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner.  I was in love and I started using it monthly.  It smelled amazing and worked so well for me that I stepped up my routine a notch and started using Honeysuckle Rose® Moisturizing Conditioner  from AO before I used the Knot today.  I read somewhere about it and really fell in love with it.  I must admit that back then I was sort of a product junkie.  I mean, how are you going to know what you like if you don’t experiment?  

Well, I was still using KCKT but just at the end of the co-wash and really just to get some slip.  I loved my hair with my new routine even though I added two new products and increased my monthly hair bill.  Well, one broke week, money was low and I didn’t have the ends to get my Honeysuckle Rose MC.   I had to resort to my old routine of just using KCKT.  Let me tell you something Naturals… I was not expecting what I found that week.  I found some pretty awesome curls.  

My hair curls anyway but I’m guessing the AO Honeysuckle Rose MC was loosening them somewhat but with the KC Knot today BY ITSELF the curls were more distinct, springy, and even more pronounced.  I became aware of the difference since day 1.  I’ve been watching daily to see if it was a fluke but every day I used just the Knot Today I had that noticeable difference.   

SO…..what could it be?  Who actually knows but the idea of going back to something that worked in the past is not a bad idea if it’s still a good product or routine.

Well, I just wanted to share my observation and take a minute to mention how old tricks which had a significance at one time may still be worth checking out.  I’m not saying we should go back to products or techniques we found out later to have been detrimental to our tresses!  Just ask yourself:  Do you know why you stopped trying something before you tried something else or were you just impatient or just too Gung ho with the new thing?  Either way, I learned a valuable lesson this past week and I am still learning.

Stay reflecting Naturals,



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