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The Importance Of Dressing For Your Body Type

Dressing for body type is important to showcase all your assets the right way! Check out the best tips to do it correctly.

The beauty of women is that they come in all different shapes and sizes so what looks good on one body type might not look good on another. I’ve seen plenty of people mess up a good outfit because they thought they were a size 6 when it really should have been an 8. Dressing to your body type is important along with wearing clothes that don’t suck the life out of you.

There are several types of body types: 

Trouble Area: Straight without curves

We have the women who are straight and barely have any curves and those women should try to wear clothes that complements their body. I would stay away from baggy clothes that makes you look smaller then you already do along with tight dresses and skinny jeans. If I had that body type I would wear more dresses that flared out and fitted shorts/jeans, I’ll also put on layers to drive the focus off of how slim I am.

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Either option gives you a less stick-figure and more curves.  It fills you out.

Trouble Area: Stomach

Then there’s the women that’s skinny with the pouch like myself.  With this body type one should try to wear things that don’t bring attention to the midsection. Shirts that flare out at the bottom or spandex dresses with scrunching in the middle to hide the pouch or stomach. Most people don’t even know my pouch exists unless I want them too.


Either option draws attention from your mid-section and allows you to feel more comfortable in your clothing as well as slimming in your trouble area.

Trouble Area: Voluptuous shape can make one look bigger.

Then there is the women who have all the hips, butt and breast and could look good in almost anything but for some reason these women tend to wear clothes that squeeze them so tight it makes them look fat. Women with this body type can take a plain t-shirt and make it look nice. With this body type wearing longer skirts like pencil skirts that show off there curves but in a sexy way is more appealing then having everything hanging out.

They also look good in sundresses, rompers jumpsuits, things that show off there figure alluringly and classy. When your built with all those curves you have to worry about what you wear so you rock your clothes as intended and not sloppily.

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Dressing to your body type is important when it comes to your personal style because when you know what looks good on you and what your good and bad qualities are you’ll feel more comfortable about the things you put on and confidence is the number one thing to wear with any outfit.

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