4 Voluminous Styles On Old Natural Hair

Photo courtesty of Donedo

The volume series continues! I am still loving and searching for styles that create massive volume with minimal work.  Sounds hard to do? Well, it requires a few techniques or tips and many thin-haired naturals are finding out they can achieve bigness and are loving it!  I know I am so let’s keep the volume love rolling.

Donedo is gorgeous and her use of color whether we are discussing hair or makeup is always bold, hot and on point.  Love watching her videos and when I came across this one I had to share.  She’s showing how to restyle an old style and adding volume like there is no tomorrow!  

She’s got the mega Afro, half up/half down, the bangs and the puffs.  These are easy styles that may not all be perfect for you, but I’m guessing you will certainly find one you love and want to rock. 

Is that enough volume for ya?  I’m sure it is.  Tell me which one is your favorite because I’m loving the puffs the most.  

Enjoy the volume Naturals,


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