Is Your “Baby Hair” A Sign of Breakage?

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In the wonderful world of sleek and unique hairstyling, we admire the creativity of polished twists, braid-outs, perm or flexi rod sets, and flat twists alike. Whether it’s one of our favorite YouTubers or a beautiful Instagram famous naturalista, one of the first things we notice is their baby hair perfection–also known as having edges laid for the gawds.

However, the real question about baby hairs are what do they actually say about the health of our hair. Are they a sign of breakage or simply new growth?

What do baby hairs actually say about the health of our hair? Are they a sign of breakage or simply new growth?

According to New York City dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon Dr. Neil Sadick, it is difficult to spot the difference between short hairs growing in and short hairs as a result of breakage without a trained eye or microscope.

Snap, crackle, pop… breakage

Sometimes achieving beautifully sleek buns, fro hawks, and blow-outs means putting a lot of tension and heat on each strand. The end results in strands decreasing their elasticity and eventually leading to snapping and breaking. Blunt, split hairs, and hairs with white ends are immediate signs of breakage as a result of mishandling your tresses. These short damaged baby hairs are usually found in areas that suffer the most from tugging and pulling–the nape, sides, and around the crown.

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