4 Simple Hairstyles for a Hot Date

4 Simple Hairstyles for a Hot Date

Alrighty, so it’s time to chit chat about the date night hair! Whether you pin it up, let it down, or incorporate some cute braids; your hair has to stand out for those hot and spicy dates!

Well date nights are an extra big deal for me because my hubby and I have to truly plan and prep for our special nights out! Oh the joys of having three beautiful babies! So when I step out, I really want to wow him.

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Now before we get into the actual hair do’s, I think it’s always important to moisturize your tresses ahead of time. I like to deep condition my hair like one or two days prior to my date night, so my curls could pop!  A little trick is to add some honey and coconut oil to your favorite conditioner.

So now on to the fun stuff! Here are a few of my favorite date night do’s:

4 Simple Hairstyles for a Hot Date

1. Buns

Whether you do a high or low bun, they are just awesome because they give you that sleek and sultry finish. Buns also helps to accentuate your lovely cheek bones as well. The messy ones are great too. And leaving out some pieces of hair at the sides, gives it a cute touch. You can also add a side or middle part to change it up a bit. Sometimes I like doing a half bun, and I would just leave the next half of my hair out. But which ever bun you chose, you definitely want to rock the buns for your date night.

4 Simple Hairstyles for a Hot Date

2. Big hair!

Leaving your hair out and free is awesome and pretty sexy for date night too. Don’t be afraid to simply let it all out! The bigger the better. I love the times when my hair is all “defined”. But the 3-4 day old wash and go’s are even better! A twist out, or braid out works well too. Whatever pattern you chose, leave those tresses to blow wild and free.

4 Simple Hairstyles for a Hot Date

3. A blowout

So yes sometimes you want to have that straight sleek action. So the good ole blowout comes into play. Recently I’ve been just been finger detangling my hair with coconut oil, braiding it in two braids, and then I would just undo the braids the night of my date. This technique is perfect for that heatless blowout look. It also gives you that straight, yet not so straight feel. Which is fabulous as well! So whether you want it bone straight, or with a little waves, blow outs are an excellent choice for date night.

4 Simple Hairstyles for a Hot Date

4. Braids
I love braids. They are a great way to add that cute and fun feel to your hairstyles. You can do a single one, braid a portion of your hair, or incorporate them in your up do’s too. And for the date nights that your hair isn’t cooperating, adding a braid is the way to go!

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So there you have it. I encourage you to try one of these hair do’s for your next date night. Hair accessories should always be kept handy to accentuate your styles as well. You can find some more ideas, tips and tricks on my YouTube channel. Always remember that you are beautiful, and never forget to rock your smile.

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