3 Tips On How To Get A Bomb Braid And Curl Using The Loc Method

3 Tips On How To Get A Bomb Braid And Curl Using The Loc Method
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The braid and curl style is an oldie but goodie for me. These days I am trying to perfect my wash and go and that has been working out well but on the days when I want to switch things up and change the “texture” of my curls, braid and curls are everything.

The key to the most perfect braid and curl style can be drilled down to 3 things.

1. Moisture

The LOC method mentioned in the below video refers to using a liquid, oil and a creme to seal your hair, locking in the moisture from your moisturizer.

Applying your products in this manner hydrates the hair and then ensures that your strands remain hydrated for the remainder of the time you wish to keep the style.

For the best results use a water based moisturizer, which can be anything from plain old water or aloe vera juice to a leave in conditioner that you purchased.

Your oil can be a light oil especially since you will be using a cream on top and your cream can have some styling properties that gives your hair hold.

Get the last two tips over at Blackhairinformation.com


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