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Emerging fashion icons from the music world 

FKA Twigs – Image credit: Vogue

Yes, red carpet fashion
is fabulous. All the glitter, corsets and floor-gazing dresses can
attract us in many ways. But really, who is going to wear that in
real life? Not that we are judging J. Lo’s or Angelina Jolie’s
sense of stylishness, sometimes we just need some new and fresh role
models, to show us there is much more to fashion than impeccable elegance. 

Sometimes, all it takes is finding your own style and
rockin’ it to the max. And we are happy to have plenty of those
unique stars presenting their understanding of being fashionably chic
(without being uptight). So, who are those shiny stars leading the
way to self-discovering and risky but stunning youthful outfits? And
how exactly are they doing it? Stick around and you might just find


Let’s not fool
ourselves, the spunky and alternative style has always come from the world of music and almost never straight out of the runway.
Even if there are some fantastic designer pieces that are a little
strange at first glance they don’t become fashion hit until some
music star present them to the world. The pioneers of new fashion
trends today are not the “front row stars” who are pushing each
others to be the first in front of the camera, but the ones who are
doing that subtly without rubbing their sense of fashion on other
people’s noses, and simply offering their understanding of it,
without obliging anyone to accept it.

Tink – Image credit: GlobalGrind

Playing the guess

Time to see who are
those fabulous people leaving their mark on both music and fashion
industry? Let’s start with the real fashion risk-taker, FKA Twigs.
The singer-songwriter, producer, and dancer is constantly putting
together designer pieces no one other would even occur to combine,
but believe us, it looks hauntingly cool. Her sexy, chic and avaunt-garde style combining items such as Vivienne Westwood boots and
over the top (but still cool) amount of gold jewelry by AnneliseMichelson is giving us a lot to talk about. 

FKA Twigs – Image credit: Vogue

Speaking of risk-takers,
we have a female rapper on the scene, and you know who it is. None
other than M.I.A. She has taken over the fashion scene with her bold
combinations, fluorescent colors, graphic prints, fashion leggings and over-sized proportions. This rapper can really
work the stage in just about anything as long as it is conspicuous
and fun.

M.I.A – Image credit: Vibe

One more rapper (this time male) is showing the beauty of cohabitation of music and fashion, by composing music for catwalk soundtrack. Zebra Katz owned the Paris fashion week with his song Ima read, and it has definitely become the trademark of entire week.

                                                       Zebra Katz – Image source: Pinterest

The beauty of

Not only these
musicians are showing us that music can be one with fashion and that
they have a knockout style, but that is possible and desirable
to take risks
when it comes to fashion. Sometimes we forget that
there are not and should not be limits to fashion. After all it its
job to push the limits and to go across the borders, so it could
never become boring, uptight and uneventful. 

People will always
criticize and there will always be some resistance to something that
differs from standard understandings, and that’s why someone has to
be the pioneer in these matters. Luckily for us, we live in an age
when M.I.A. rocked the show in futuristic patterns bright colored jumpsuit.

So you see, these are
the fashion icons pushing the boundaries of conventional fashion, not
just by what they wear, but by how it is presented to people around
the globe, and what does that really mean. Let us translate it to
you: Wear what you like and don’t be afraid to take risks.



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