5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party

5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party

It’s Friday night, and you’re heading back home from work. Your BFF buzzes, inviting you to a fancy-schmancy affair in town, but you’re in two minds whether to grace the party with your presence or to skip it! 

Let’s face it – after spending eight exhausting hours at your job, you have no energy or patience left to spend over an hour, figuring your outfit, your makeup and the worst – your hair! As usual you refuse and hear your friend grunt about what “a big old bore” you are. I hear you. I’ve been there too, but here’s some good news that’ll ensure you go rock that party looking your best! 

Below are five gorgeous yet simple hairstyles that can take you from being a Plain-Jane to being party-ready in 10 minutes flat:

The Vintage Quiff 

5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party
Photo courtesy of Pin Up Girl

Heading to a retro themed party? Seems like the perfect place to sport this gorgeous vintage quiff updo teamed with a mini polka frock! Your adorable look is sure to take everyone back in time to the 50’s pin-up era. The best part about this easy hairstyle is that it saves your hair from the dangers of heat styling, so you have a great look ready with zero damage! Just be prepared to handle all the extra attention.

The Gold Wrapped High Ponytail

5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party
Photo courtesy of StyleCraze

Here’s a look that clearly epitomizes effortless style! On occasions when you play it understated with your style, but still want to make a grand entrance at the party, this gold wrapped high ponytail style is just the look you need! Bend your neck and collect your hair to make a high ponytail. Secure it with a gold metal ponytail holder and ta-da! Your starry-glam-meets-easy-chic loveliness is ready!

Classic Chignon

5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party
Photo courtesy of Seventeen.com

your stuff around at that formal evening affair wearing a stunning cocktail dress with a classic chignon hairstyle. If you were of the belief that the
words elegant and easy don’t fall into the same bracket, this 5-minute
hairstyle would challenge what you know about functional fashion. 


 All you need
to do is make a low-slung side ponytail and secure it with a band, making a
small bun with it while winding the elastic for the last time. Go make a mark
with your glamorously styled hair; both the men and the women are sure to look
at you awestruck!

 The Elevated Half-Bun

5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party
                                Photo courtesy of Seventeen.com

Get the perfect blend of messy
and feminine elements with this elevated half bun hairstyle, apt for a casual
get-together with your group of friends. Tie a high ponytail and secure it with
a band. Make a bun while winding the elastic for the last time. Don’t bother
even if a few strands come loose; the messier, the chic-er! You can even dress
up your hair with a cute flower clip or even real red flowers, Dolce and
Gabbana sty

   The Cute Half Up, Half Down 

5 Lazy-Girl Hairstyles To Rock At That Party
Photo courtesy of Glamour.com

 Date night with
hubby/boyfriend? Worry not; you’re sorted W.R.T the hair department. This romantic
and uber-dainty hairstyle doesn’t need the skills of a pro hair stylist but
results in an outcome beautifully slick and sharp! 

Comb your hair towards the
back, twist a section of it from one side and pin it to the center. Twist
another section of it from the other side and tuck it under the first layer.
It’s as easy as it can get! Trust me when I say that your man won’t be able to
take his eyes off you.



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    These all hairstyles are looking very charming. It is seeming that these hairstyles are suitable for black colored women.have I thought right or not?

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    The high ponytail is amazing, especially for those with curly hair. I`ve seen many amazing ponytails here . Cute, yeah?

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    You have shared easy hairstyles .The elevted half bun hairstyle is simply amazing. Thanks for sharing

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    Iam also a lazy girl. Thanks for sharing easy hairstyles.


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    Wow that is awesome hairstyles 🙂 its is always hairstyles for curly hair for ponytails high ponytails is amazing 🙂 these haircuts is looking rock.thanks for share

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