Why Some Women Struggle With Going Natural

Why Some Women Struggle With Going Natural

you ever wonder what happens to your hair once you get a relaxer? Well, as soon
as you get a chemical relaxer you lose a third of your hair. Think about
it?  When it’s time for you to have a
relaxer doesn’t your hair feel super-duper thick at the roots? You thinking ohhhh
these roots are thick!!!  

When you put
the relaxer in your hair your hair 
doesn’t feel thick anymore.  What do you think happened? As soon as you
rinsed the relaxer out you rinsed it down the sink.

melted! It disintegrated!

the pH scale the chemical relaxer is two levels down from “Drano.”  We use Drano to melt or dissolve clogged hair
in the sink, so that the water can flow right? 
Well imagine that happening to your hair for the last 20 years. 

Ewwwwww!!!! So every 6 to 8 weeks your hair grows back. Or “tries” to
grow back but you wont let it because you keep re-relaxing.  
common question is, 

“I have 2 different textures. My good hair is in the
back but in the crown I have my daddy’s hair!”

people think their hair grows back around the edges and nape area first.  Actually, hair grows back all over but that’s
where you notice it the most. The edges and the nape/kitchen area are the
weakest, finest sections of your hair while the crown section is where the
majority of your hair grows. Most natural people think they have two different
textures but that’s not necessarily how it works. 

Everyone’s hair grows thicker
in the middle or crown section.  So a lot
of people assume that when their relaxers are growing out that their real hair
is breaking off, but I say your hair is not breaking off it’s struggling to
grow back.  
you lose a third of your hair in a process how can it possibly be the same? How
can it possibly be healthy? Women always say about themselves “I have the
nappiest hair ever.” But I say if you’ve been relaxing your hair since you
were six years old how do you even know what texture you have?

why I say the first 0-3 months is the hardest time to grow out a relaxer. This
is where you clearly see the two opposing textures. Virgin new growth doesn’t
act the same as the relaxed hair. And because you have been relaxing your hair
for so long you have identified with the chemical portion! Relaxers are the
only hair that you know how to work with!   

That’s why when you grow your relaxer out you don’t know what to do with
the new hair.  The only product that you
are used to working with is for chemically treated hair. And that’s what the
product companies know.

should not be using the same products or processes on your new natural hair
that you were using on your relaxed hair. This is why a lot of new naturals
quit because the keep the same systems. 
Change your system…change the outcome.



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