The Natural Beauty In “Going Natural”

The Natural Beauty In "Going Natural"

As African Americans, most of us have been programmed our
entire lives, that beautiful hair is only obtained by chemically processing our
  Chemical processing has been a
part of our hair culture for decades, but now there are thousands that are
discovering their true beauty lies within natural beauty.


The unknown is frightful for all of us.  Those that are thinking about going back to
their natural roots or have taken the plunge are plagued with fears about how
they will maintain hair that is so foreign to them.  For most, the true texture of their hair is
unknown to them because it has been masked by chemicals for such an extended
period of time. 

“Bad” or “Nappy” hair is merely a disillusioned perception that
we have been groomed to believe.  The real
is that we are all uniquely created down to the very coils of our
hair.  One needs to only change how they
perceive their hair by changing their beliefs behind that perception into
something positive.  The journey back to
your roots is not one to strip you of your beauty, but one to enhance and
accentuate the beauty you were naturally born with.

Instead of approaching your natural hair journey with negative
thoughts such as:

“I’m going to have to start all over!”

“There’s too much breakage involved!”

“What will the world think of my natural hair?”

Be positive and approach your journey with a heart of joy and
gratitude because you will soon discover that:

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  • You don’t have
    to cut off all your hair or start over, you can transition your hair into it’s
    natural state.
  • You hair HAS to
    shed and release the chemically processed hair. 
    Think of the shedding as a way to let your new, full, healthy, beautiful
    locks come forth.
  • Who cares what
    anyone else thinks, your natural hair is beautiful, naturally…it’s what your
    were born with!  Wear your natural crown
    with confidence.


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