Why Are So Many Naturals Turning To Clay Washing?

Why Are So Many Naturals Turning To Clay Washing?

These clays are born of the earth, and as we love using what the earth has to offer, clays never disappoint. In recent years they are becoming popular but many cultures throughout our history have been using clays to heal and rid their bodies of toxins. According to Wellness Mama, there are animals that will even eat dirt and clay to remove poisons from their systems during illness and distress. They are natural, potent, and mineral-rich to clean, detoxify, and condition our hair and skin. If you are new to them do not worry, as I am about to share some of the plentiful benefits for your hair, body, and even wallet!


Most clays are inexpensive and the pricey clays tend to be harder to access. Once such clay would be the Dead Sea clay aka black mud. Harvested from the banks of the Dead Sea, it is hard to find any that is 100% Dead Sea mud so you pay more in comparison to other clays. Clays like Rhassoul and Bentonite can run you around $6 to $15 for a 1 lb jar. A little goes a long way, as it has great shelf life and is usually mixed with water and aloe Vera juice for application.


Now, nearly all products are accessible because of the internet! You can find just about anything anywhere with a Google search. Amazon.com, Etsy, and sites are making even the most remote product available to every consumer, but if online shopping is not your preference, then just going to your local Whole Foods or Sprouts will garner a wealth of products formulated with clays.


Clays rid the body of toxins. Bentonite clay has the ability to produce an electric charge when hydrated and that charge gives it the ability to absorb toxins, heavy metals, impurities, and even chemicals. Bentonite clay is amazing at pulling heavy metals and toxins from the body with the montmorillonite that come in two forms: sodium and calcium. Both use the negative charge in attract and attach to the toxins and heavy metals. This clay is almost like a magnet to toxins.

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