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The Natural Hair Purists: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The Natural Hair Purists: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Ladies, it’s time to officially end placing perming chemicals
in our hair. The ends (i.e. central centrifugal cicatricle alopecia) no longer
justify the means. There are too many safe straightening options out in the
marketplace that finally allow us to discontinue placing our scalp and hair
shafts in harms ways. Who didn’t gasp in horror while watching Chris Rock’s Good
Hair and learning our once coveted relaxer chemicals were intended to lubricate
industrial machinery? 

Since chopping off my locs back in June of last year, I have
struggled with trying to style my crown. I never was too great at styling my
hair with perms, but managed to pull off a few simple styles. As my hair
started to grow naturally, besides one big “power to the people afro”, I didn’t
have a clue on what to do. And to be quite honest with myself, the afro needed
more power. What I did know was that I wanted more variety and easier to manage

I must admit that out of all of the social media sites out
there, I initially got hooked on Instagram looking at the various memes during
down time on the job and at home. Once I figured out how to navigate the site,
I started enjoying the ease of being able to search for pictures based on a
certain interests or topics. 

Awhile back, I discovered crochet braids. My first thought
was crochet braids would be a nice protective style option due to the fact it
closely resembles our natural hair patterns. I also liked the idea that the
install time was not bad when compared to other braided styles I previously
rocked. I know this is not a brand new technique, but I am not one to
automatically jump on a trend. I like to research and observe first.  

Before booking my appointment with my hair stylist, I
decided to search Instagram for color and style ideas. I came across the
following Kanye West Meme:

The Natural Hair Purists: Can’t We All Just Get Along?

The comments underneath the post made me do additional
double takes. The problem with natural purists is they tend to assume all
people who wear weaves or straighten their hair are less than them. What is a
natural purist? This is the sista that proudly got the big chop. Rocked her twa
with pride and now is basking in the glory of her beautifully growing crown. 

The truth is many black women really are in love with their
natural hair, but also like doing multiple things to their hair. Part of the
variety includes utilizing various weaving techniques to create the look. I am
most definitely reside in that boat! We must look past the few bad apples who
wear extensions too long, never rock their natural tresses, and don’t think
anything about “kinky coils” are beautiful.

There is no right or wrong way when it comes to growing YOUR
natural hair. As long as deep down inside you love yourself for who you are without the extensions, the
path you choose to take on your journey does not matter. Some may decide to get
locs or sisterlocks and rock the myriad of styling options available to them on
that path. Others choose the weave or temporary braids route. Black women, as a
whole, need to stop downing other sistas who see beauty in something that they
choose not to rock or feel is a good idea for them. 

So what if someone chooses only loc extensions. They are temporary
rocking a style that represents OUR PEOPLE! The spices of life are truly found
in our differences. If we are representing ourselves in a healthy, positive manner,
I say: “Live and let live people!” Best believe I’m getting those crochet
braids! I will post the outcome on Instagram. 

Until next time,

Naturally Nia


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