15 Dominican Products You Should Try Right Now!

15 Dominican Products You Should Try Right Now!

They have perfected hair care techniques and products over hundreds of years by using the natural ingredients in their country like avocado, cinnamon, coconut, oregano, and rosemary.  Their products were created to satisfy the diverse needs for textured hair. Their shampoos, rinses, and emergency repair treatments are all formulated without the harsh chemicals that can harm their hair. These products are perfect for curlies and that means we had to share 15 that can do wonders for your curls, coils, and waves.

Apretol Shampoo Canela y Romero
This cinnamon and rosemary shampoo helps to strengthen your strands while cleanly deeply in your hair, scalp, and pores. It is made with panthenol, vitamins A and B5, natural proteins, cinnamon, and rosemary extract.

Silicon Mix Hair Shampoo Hidratante 
Strengthen your hair while you cleanse. This Dominican shampoo is formulated for dry and damaged strands, as it contains keratin to strengthen and ceramides to soften. The silicones help to detangle and the conditioning agents protect and replenish your hair’s natural moisture.

Star Lacio Lacio High Shine Leave-in Hair Conditioner 
If extra shine is your goal, then this concentrated silk protein conditioner is your go to. Gain shine, softness, and revive your over processed, porous, or dry strands. It is an intensive hair treatment that claims to restore split ends.

15 Dominican Products You Should Try Right Now!
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Dominican Hair Product Naturals Key Aloe Vera and Avocado Treatment Conditioner 
This leave-in conditioner will strengthen, smooth, and detangle your strands with the remarkable wonders of aloe Vera and avocado. It fights frizz and formulated for heat styling.

Halka  Baba de Caracol Intensive Treatment 
With the gift of snail slime, this intensive hair treatment will strengthen and protect your hair from the harmful UV rays. It will repair and improve the appearance of your hair and it has an intoxicating smell.

Toque Magico Emergencia – Deep Intensive Hair Treatment 
Lost your hair’s shine? Well, get it back with the power of this deep intensive hair treatment that restores your hair’s health that has been robbed by chemical processing like color and straighteners. Formulated with vitamins, minerals, proteins, and oils to assure maximum results.

You can find the remaining list over at Naturallycurly.com

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