Use Activated Charcoal From Head-To-Toe For Impurities

Use Activated Charcoal From Head-To-Toe For Impurities

Trends in hair change from season to season, which is nothing new or surprising. The most loved seem to be the ones that manage to make your hair healthier, stronger, and more beautiful. The biggest trend for hair is finding natural ways to achieve healthier hair. DIY is still big business and relevant in the beauty world. If you can do it yourself, save a few dollars and manage it by using a natural method or ingredients.  

What is Activated Charcoal?
Activated charcoal is nothing more than carbon. It is merely charcoal that has been treated with oxygen to help open millions of tiny pores between carbon atoms. Activated charcoal has been around for thousands of years and its recorded dates back to 1550 BC. Its main uses are for water filters, removing toxins, and chemical purification processes. According to Mayo Clinic, it is quite popular for absorbing poison that has been ingested. There are some ERs that administer large quantities of activated charcoal for certain types of poisoning.

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Use Activated Charcoal From Head-To-Toe For Impurities


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