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Difference Between Deep Conditioning, Hair Mask & Hair Treatment

Although they have similar purposes, there are slight differences in the application and benefits of a deep conditioner, hair mask and a hair treatment. Let’s start with deep conditioning.


Deep Conditioning
This technique adds moisture back into your hair that has been lost due to everyday styling, weather and products. I personally have found that doing a deep conditioner once a week, replenishes that moisture that the hair needs in order to stay healthy and grow. There are a couple ways that you can deep condition your hair. 

One way, is to purchase a deep conditioner. I enjoy using the small packs that you can find at just about any drug store. ORS Deep Conditioning pack is one of my favorites (cost around $2 per pack). Of course, since the packs are fairly small, I usually end up buying 2. 

A lot of people prefer making their own with ingredients that can be found right in your refrigerator. Eggs, avocado, mayonnaise, olive oil and coconut oil make a great deep conditioner. You can also add one or two of these items to a store bought conditioner for a more moisturizing, nourishing deep conditioner if you wish. After you figure out which concoction works best for you, work it through your hair and let sit. My suggestion is 30 minutes under the dryer or with a heated cap, or an hour with just a plastic cap. Once you rinse, you should feel the difference immediately! Super soft and shiny hair.

Hair Mask
Just think of this as a facial for the hair. The same way a facial can balance the complexion on your face, a hair mask can shape up imbalances in the hair. A lot of hair salons offer great hair mask but that can be pretty costly. If you’re like me and want to save every penny you can, just DIY. Head back into your kitchen and pull out the ingredients you would use to make your favorite fruit smoothie! Bananas, yogurt, avocado, melon, mmmm delish! 

Blend together and let sit for about 10 minutes or so. If your hair is super dry, you can add an egg and some coconut oil in as well. Now, before you drink the leftovers, work all the way through your hair. With the hair mask, applying heat isn’t necessary so you can just cover with a plastic cap and let sit for about 15 minutes. During this time you can have yourself a glass if you made too much. Unlike a deep conditioner, hair masks should only be applied once or twice a month. This technique is to repair the hair, not maintain everyday styling.

Hair Treatment
A hair treatment to me is any and everything you do in between deep conditioning and applying hair masks. Leave-in treatments are a good example. They can be applied to wet or dry hair in between washes to maintain dry and/or unruly hair. My favorite hair treatment is Miss Jessie’s Leave-in Condish. It has great sleep, adds loads of moisture and smells like fresh laundry! Using hair treatments on a regular basis can make your tresses more manageable and healthy.

[by Mia Settle via Global Couture]


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  1. September 19, 2016 / 5:42 am

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