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5 “Must Do” Tips For Road Trippin’ With Natural Hair

5 "Must Do" Tips For Road Trippin' With Natural Hair

Well,my road trip from Denver, CO to New Orleans, LA has ended and I’m actually typing this in the car on the way back “home”.  We’re sad, all of us, and as we trek our way back to Denver we are all silently planning our next trip back.

The trip was fun, fast and full of feasts with friends and family as most trips should be.  There are always hiccups on road trips but I can honestly say none had anything to do with my hair.  My hair was perfect every single day and for good reason.  I planned ahead to ensure there were no problems or pitfalls to fall into.

There is more into planning a road trip or any vacation than just picking the spot, packing your clothing and saving money.
There is making sure you have all the necessities so your hair will not be a factor outside of regular primping that you would do at home.  Some prefer to not do anything to their tresses on vacay and I get that but if you want just minimal to do without much thought then stick with my 5 tips to ensure your hair is not an issue!

Pack everything!

Seems like a no-brainer but you would be surprised what you will forget if you do not put much thought into it.  A road trip
means no worries about security confiscating your items at an airport and may even mean no worries about spilling hair products as you can stand them upright in a travel bag.  There is more control over your items on a road trip so use that to your advantage and take your necessities you will need on vacation like shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, gel, styler, etc. If you are going to be swimming a lot bring a cheapie conditioner for your hair prior to taking a dip too.

Not sure what to bring? Place all your items you use to get you ready on a regular day on the side and bring those along with products for a wash day if you need it. Your wash day does not have to take as long as a regular wash day if you
plan ahead by having your hair in twists or braids.  Bring your tried and true and if worried about tempting fate with spilling by placing them in twist off bottles that can be really cheap at Wal-Mart, CVS or Target. Don’t just assume your destination
will have your hair items (unless you have checked) so bring what you need for day to day hair upkeep.

5 "Must Do" Tips For Road Trippin' With Natural Hair


Plan hairstyles

I’m a planner so this is not a big deal for me. I’m also a wash and go queen so it goes without saying I will do the same on vacay unless planning on going somewhere there will be a dust or sandstorm.  If you want low-maintenance on your trip then you may want to get braids, a protective style or something that will not require too much daily maintenance
for you. Just make sure it is a style you know exactly what it needs and that includes water play so do your research and make sure it is a style that will be conducive to the car ride.

I washed my hair the night before we left and kept my hair in a deep conditioning high puff until our first stop.  It was
perfect for the car ride.  I also brought enough conditioner and gel for me and my daughter to use daily.  She’s normally a straight-haired natural but she wanted ease so she did the wash and go for her day to day routine. The bottom
line is to know how you plan on rocking your hair and pack accordingly.  They truly go hand in hand.

Check weather

Yea, the weather will affect your tresses and ruin your planned hairstyles.  No, I don’t mean the actual temps (although
that is beneficial) but rather how their climate is and how that may affect your tresses. Denver, CO is super dry with next to no humidity while New Orleans is the direct opposite. I knew I may be dealing with frizz so I left the KinkyCurly Curling Custard at home and brought the heavier Eco Styler Gel and my hair was like, “frizz who”?  Yea, it was nice!

Check the climate of your destination to know what products you may need or even what styles may be more conducive to the new climate.  Not sure how your hair will respond?  Check out the next tip!

Hair accessories

They are always handy especially when going out of town and not sure what to expect with the weather. Headbands, scarves, turbans, satin bonnets, bobby pins and ouchless barrettes are just a few items you will need to ensure your hair will be perfect every single day.  If the frizz, cold, or whatever Mother Nature is throwing your way wreaks your strands
then fight back with a hair accessory that will allow you to still look amazing.

All I needed was a Goody’s ouchless barrette and a Loc sock for sleeping.  My daughter just needed a few bobby pins and a headband.  A satin scarf is great for the car ride too! Just pack what you need in case of a hair crisis and you will be ready to enjoy your vacay with no worries!

Have a blast Naturals,



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