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4 Ways Your Hormones Affect Hair Loss

4 Ways Your Hormones Affect Hair Loss

You don't think they do?  Well, you would be surprised.  The older I get, the more I see my own body has a mind of it's own on many occasions.  From night sweats, to weight gain to hair loss...all of these phenomenons can occur at a moment's notice and have you wondering what the heck is going on.  It helps to know WHY it is happening and how to combat it or at the very least...learn how to deal.  

Hair loss is one of the worst and many women live in shame with it.  There's no need for that especially when there are ways to work with it.  Here are 4 ways those pesky hormones can affect your hair from 

Hormones and Hair Growth Cycle

According to Sophia Emmanuel, Certified Trichologist from Crown Worthy Trichology Studio, “The endocrine system is made up of endocrine glands. The ovaries, thyroid, pancreas, and other glands all secrete hormones that circulate in the blood and regulate how we function. Hormone imbalance can affect body activity such as hair growth.

Hormones and Pregnancy

When pregnant the body experiences an imbalance as changes arise. The pregnancy glow appears in the skin and suddenly hair growth is abundant! Unfortunately it does not always last. The sudden growth occurs as certain hairs in the hair growth cycle become suspended on the anagen phase, therefore you see fuller, denser hair:

Hormones and Menopause

The dreaded change for a woman can be devastating if not understood. While this change can bring about hot flashes and mood swings, it is a natural part of life for women and must be understood to bring about acceptance and not exacerbate its effects. During menopause a woman’s estrogen lessens and stress typically increases. 

Hormones from Stress

No matter what age, sex, or stage of life you are in, stress can and will wreak havoc on your body during the stages of pregnancy, menopause, or any other hormonal transitions and stress. Stress is characterized by worry doubt, fear, and anxiety or brought on through disease or trauma to the body. Even lack of sleep or a nutrient deficient diet can bring about additional stressors, causing diffuse hair loss.
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Knowing is half the battle Naturals,


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