Use This Oil Between Your Workouts

Use This Oil Between Your Workouts

Every woman loves a good beauty secret and that goes double for curlies. Tell us a way to make our hair care easier and you’ve got friends for life! One such tip would be camellia oil or better known as the treasured beauty secret of geishas. Camellia seed oil comes from the plant Camellia sinensis, but is also known as Camellia oleifera and is grown in the mountains of Southeast Asia. This precious oil has been revered for being restorative and rejuvenating. The oil is derived from the cold-pressed seeds of the camellia flower and is very similar to olive and grapeseed oils because of its unsaturated fats and therapeutic properties as well as its healing and nutritional power.  

There seems to be some confusion about what and where this oil comes from, as many falsely assume that it is related to tea tree oil. Camellia oil is also known as tea seed oil, camellia seed oil, and even tea oil and is extracted from the seeds of the tea plant. It is not to be confused with camellia japonica oil, which is also known as Japanese tea oil and does not produce tea leaves. The camellia japonica oil is better known as tsubaki and it is also different in terms of its chemical composition and nutritional value.

What is Camellia Oil?

It has linoleic acid, Omega 6 that has properties to condition hair while unblocking pores to the scalp. It also stimulates hair growth and controls water loss in hair. It contains has a ton of Omega-9 or oleic acid, which will also control water loss and make your strands softer and more pliable. It has stearic acid, which is great for protecting and conditioning the strands while the palmitic acid adds moisture to the hair without clogging the scalp’s pores.

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Use This Oil Between Your Workouts


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