Why You Need Lentils For A Healthy Hair Diet

Why You Need Lentils For A Healthy Hair Diet

We discuss natural oils, butters, creams, gels, and even waxes ad nauseam, yet we are eager to learn what else is out here and what it can do for our unique tresses. Most of the time we discuss what we can put on our tresses but what about the foods we can eat that can benefit our hair? Eating healthy, drinking water, exercising, and reducing stress all contribute to a sound body and mind, thus resulting in healthy hair. Yes, there are hair supplements and you can find amazing products to use in your hair but a healthy diet will always trump anything you use.  

Where do lentils come from?

Lentils are thought to have originated in the Near East or Mediterranean area where they were once considered a poor man’s food. Lentils or Lens culinaris have been a source of sustenance for thousands of years. They are shaped like a double convex optic lens, which actually took its name from lentils. They grow two to a pod and are dried after harvesting. Mayo Clinic says lentils are in the same groups with beans and peas and part of the legume family because they also grow in pods.

What’s in a lentil?

Tiny but mighty, WebMD says these legumes are chock-full with protein, iron, zinc, and even biotin. They are a super food that is perfect for vegetarians and vegans because they are great source of protein. 

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Why You Need Lentils For A Healthy Hair Diet

Hey Naturals!  I had to interrupt to tell you that I had lentil soup yesterday for lunch and it was spectacular!  I got Panera Bread’s organic, gluten free, vegetarian Lentil soup from Sam’s Club and it was tasty and filling.  A few drops of Tabasco and I was in heaven!  I will be looking for my own recipes for Lentil soup eventually but I just wanted to share.

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