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My Natural Hair Goals For 2015

My Natural Hair Goals For 2015

Another year comes to an end and as we find ourselves stepping into a new world of possibilities I am ready for what 2015 has to offer and not just with my natural hair.  I’m ready for turning 45, *gasp*, I’m ready to finally lose this free-loading weight that refuses to pay rent, and I’m ready for my youngest to go into high school while my oldest enters her third year of college.

That’s a lot on my plate but even with that load I’m ready to take this blog to another level and bring features like Black Love, Weight Management and Weight Loss and even more healthy options for our hair.  I’m also ready to take my hair care even more seriously and watch my hair thrive.  

I’ve picked up a planner and gonna actually use it this time around (2014 was a bust so don’t ask!) and I’ve decided to hold myself accountable for my hair goals by writing them down and sharing them with my lovely Naturals.   Here are my hair goals and why I’ve decided to incorporate them:

Use tea or coffee rinses with each wash
They really benefit my hair and I actually like doing them but skip them more than I need to.  I am good on other things like deep conditioning with each wash but I need to plan my wash days better and have it on hand and at the ready.  

I think I will start brewing my tea or coffee rinse the morning of wash day to keep it fresh and to ensure it gets done! 

Do regular protein treatments
Protein treatments are necessary to rebuild the hair shaft that gets chipped away during regular styling, chemical treatments (like color and relaxing), and heat.  I color and need to do them monthly or every other month to rebuild any damage I inflict with mu regular styling.  A no-brainier and I will write it down in my planner to remind myself.  I have been using and loving, Aubrey Organics GPB Glycogen Protein Balancing Conditioner 

Another goal on my hair list but not just for the health of my hair but the health of Sabrina.  Like I mentioned before, I’m turning 45 this year and it is about time I shed this weight I have been talking about for too long.  

Exercising improves the blood flow and helps to keep your hair stronger and healthier. This blood, full of nutrients, stimulates the hair follicles and promotes growth.

My Natural Hair Goals For 2015

Eat healthy and incorporate more greens, lentils and less fat!
I am a horrible eater.  Yes, I said it and even though I have incorporated green smoothies into my diet I haven’t done much else in the health area.  My eating affects my hair too so eating better will keep my hair healthy, shiny and stronger.   Sorry ladies but our eating is a direct link to our hair and specific nutritional deficiencies can affect your hair.  The best nutrition for our hair is not in a pill but in the food we intake. 

Expand on my natural oils
I am super interested in trying hemp oil, avocado oil and red palm oil and for good reason as they all benefit our tresses on various levels.  Expect a post on all three oils as I need to discuss further and explain my plan for them in the upcoming year. 

No guilt for not staying on a hair schedule
It happens. We all falter and I cannot keep beating myself up for not sticking to a schedule.  I’m pretty busy with two jobs, a family and staying up with the latest and the greatest for my tresses but who isn’t?  

We all have to forgive ourselves for not living up to our perception of perfection. There are some schedules I will have to maintain on a strict regimen but as long as I am being good to my hair, and doing all the above goals, I will be in great shape.

No length goal on my list and for good reason. I am staying true to being more concerned with my hair’s health than length and with these goals it will thrive better than ever.  

So Naturals,

Happy New Year Naturals,

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