4 Ways Natural Hair Took Over Mainstream Media In The Year 2014

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Tracee Ellis Ross said it best: “2014 was the year I saw my hair on TV.” She would be absolutely right. During the year of 2014, we were able to see natural hair not only represented on Essence, and on natural gurus YouTube channels, but on TV shows, commercials, ads, movies, and even celebrities showing off their own natural hair on Instagram.

The abundance of natural hair is so heart-felt and so overwhelming with positive emotions, I even get surprised when I see a relaxed woman on a simple Macy’s commercial. 

Natural hair is so common now and in everyone’s faces that you would not be able to get throughout the day without seeing another naturalista on your TV, computer, or cell phone. I am proud to say that natural hair really took over the year of 2014. Just to prove it to you, here are 4 ways natural hair has made a positive step in our natural hair society:


                     Yasha – Marshalls Commercial       

Commercials are meant to sell their products to the massses, right? Well, if I see a naturalista advertising a product, I’m definitely keen to purchase it.

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4 Ways Natural Hair Took Over Mainstream Media In The Year 2014


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  1. December 23, 2014 / 6:27 pm

    I am so happy to be a part of the natural hair community 🙂

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