How To Teach Your Child To Do Their Own Hair

How To Teach Your Child To Do Their Own Hair

Raising a child is hard work #thatisall. There is no manual on child rearing so that they become productive citizens in society. If you have curly or coily hair, then most likely your child does too (boys and girls), and as you may be going down a different path than your mother’s for hair grooming, this natural world is new to you and your child.  

We see boys and girls running around with curls, coils, and locs, so the grooming lessons are needed for anyone with more than an inch of hair. Basic hair care needs will one day become their own responsibility, so unless you want them blindly thrashing, you have to teach them routines, techniques, and basic hair hygiene. 

Washing hair routines

Washday is the longest day for most naturals. There is pre-pooing, detangling, cleansing, deep conditioning, and styling. Depending on your schedule, goals, and your hair’s needs, the day can be a chore. As you drag your child through this ritual are they paying attention to what you are doing? No, they are not. There needs to be conversation and even participation (when they are old enough) so they first understand why we do what we do and then learn how to do it.

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How To Teach Your Child To Do Their Own Hair


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