7 Things You Still Have To Do When You Wear A Weave Or Wig

7 Things You Still Have To Do When You Wear A Weave Or Wig

Protective styles like wigs and weaves are quite popular. They are loved, recommended by many, and can give you more variety with more length and fullness without compromising the health of your tresses. Now, in all fairness, when this natural hair movement got underway a few years ago, protective styles meant tucking your ends in updos or the like, also known as low manipulation styles. We all want ease when it comes to our hair. It is more work than it should be on most fronts, but as naturals we know there are some drawbacks in the time consumed area for our tresses. 

So, it makes perfect sense why a natural would want to slap on a wig or get a weave installed so she can worry less about her hair and still look fab. The problem is that your hair underneath needs the same care it needed without the extensions or wig. Forgotten tresses will turn into damaged tresses so to ensure your protective style stays protective, here are a few tips to be mindful of.

Regular cleansing and conditioning is a must

If you normally wash your own hair every week or every other week, wearing a wig or weave will not or should not change that. If you are wearing a wig then take it off and wash hair as usual. If you are wearing a weave you still need to cleanse your hair regularly. Using an applicator bottle with a pointed tip to apply the shampoo directly to your scalp. Diluting the shampoo in the applicator bottle will allow you to remove it easier. Gently massage with fingertips to effectively cleanse your scalp and hair and smooth the shampoo down the extensions. In order to prevent matting and tangling, do not rub the hair in a circular motion.

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7 Things You Still Have To Do When You Wear A Weave Or Wig


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