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2014 Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide

Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!

It is that time of year again and even if you have been too busy to notice I am not going to allow you to forget just how important it is.  I LOVE the holidays and not just because the gift-giving or the holiday cheer.  I love the movement, the lights, colors and music of the season.

Now, whether you are buying for a man or woman, I’ve got you covered with some of the best gifts any natural would be beaming with excitement to receive. Even if this is just for yourself you will be happy to try something new and so worth the effort.


Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!
Photo courtesy of Q-Redew

This amazing hand-held steamer is just what you need this winter to keep your hair hydrated and gorgeous. If you missed my review on this amazing steamer then you can check it out here:

Product Review – Q-Redew Hand-Held Hair Steamer

This 2013 Editor’s Choice hair product is perfect for any natural on your gift list (or just for yourself) and with Black Friday around the corner…you know this is the right gift to give!

There are other steamers as well like the ultra-popular Huetiful Hair Steamer that is a hair steamer plus a spa facial steamer.  The hand-held is somewhat cheaper and easier to transport but it really just depends on what your natural wants under her tree this Christmas.

Natural Hair Tees and accessories

Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!
Seriously Natural Boutique

You can NEVER go wrong with natural hair accessories and tees.  They are 

no longer just cheap tees that rip or shrink after the first wash. The styles, varieties, colors and designs are just right for any occasion. 

Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!
Global Couture Apparel & Accessories

This is high quality apparel and gifts that will last, are super fashionable and naturals love rocking them.  My favorite, of course, would be Seriously Natural Boutique and Global Couture.  

Natural Hair Appliances

     Curl Wand Curls On Natural Hair

There are scores of hair appliances that naturals covet including the curl wand, hooded dryer, flat irons and diffusers.  Some are reasonable but many are not but everyone has a favorite so find out which one she  truly wants.  This is the time to make it happen as she deserves it and the holidays are here!

  DevaCurl Dryer and DevaFuser

Believe me when I tell you that this is a gift she will love and many can be found at your local Sally’s Beauty Supply, online or just up the street at Target.

Hats, Scarves & Accessories

Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!
Caheez Designs

Nothing makes a natural happier than protecting her tresses and looking good while doing it!  Traditionally, hats and scarves were not gentle enough for our fragile strands but many new companies have sprung up catering specifically to us and creating amazing hats and scarves that will not whisk away moisture or frizz our coils, curls and kinks. 

Hats, scarves, bows and head wraps are all great gifts to give to the natural on your holiday list as they will be appreciated and used.  Nothing worse than getting what you think is the perfect gift only to find out they cannot use it so make sure your gifts are right for your favorite naturals.

Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!
The Wrap Life

The list is endless and your natural will love the multitude of colors, prints, textures and styles that she will enjoy rocking while keeping her tresses protected. 

Natural Hair Products

Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil

There are so many to choose from but I have my favorites that get the job done and are so worth giving as gifts.  This is the time to get that PJ just want is on her list of new products to try.  

There is nothing better than getting a set of your favorite product line or products in a pretty basket or wrapped up pretty in cellophane.  Head over to Michael’s, Hobby Lobby or any craft store to create the perfect gift that will be appreciated to the last drop!

Natural Hair Holiday Gift Guide!!!
As I Am Hair Line

Whether you pick them up at Target or on, you will find any amazing product they love or are dying to try so do not sleep on getting the perfect gift that may make their whole holiday.

Men’s Shaving Kits

Bevel Shaving System

Let’s face it ladies, our men suffer with typical or regular razors.  They are not made for coily, curly or coarse hairs so many of our men have ingrown hairs, razors bumps and burns.  Shaving has become a nuisance and it shouldn’t’ have to be.  Now there are systems made just for them that were created for their hair texture and skin and make shaving a much more pleasant experience.

Men’s Electric Shavers

Braun Series 7 790cc

Yes, there are Electric Shavers just for black men and the Braun Series 7 790cc was actually rated #1 for Black men from PICKMYSHAVER.COM for 2013-2014. Your man deserves his grooming to be as painless as possible so that his face is smooth and he’s looking great year round. 

So, now you know what to get so go forth and shop!  Have fun, be safe and enjoy getting the perfect gifts for your natural man or woman.

Happy Holidays Naturals,


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