Thursday, October 23, 2014

Go from Ombre To Sombre With Ease

Go from Ombre to Sombre with Natural Hair

Sombre, the sister of Ombre, or the softer side of ombre is the direction many are going for this fall whether we see it on the red carpet or just out on the streets.  It is making its way the natural hair community too so how do you make that transition?  Well, first let's learn the terms:
Sombre is a coloring technique that allows for a softer, more natural diffusion of color.  

Ombre is a stark dfference to sombre and is generally darker at the roots and the mid-shaft and then gradually gets lighter from the mid-shaft to the ends.  

Many naturals who have gone ombre have bleached those ends to achieve the look which is harsh on our strands and you may experience dryness as a result.  
Ombre is out...or at least for this season so do not feel sorry for this popular look as it has had a hellva run.  This fall is about darker, richer tones so the softness of sombre will be perfect but how do you get there if you have the stark contrasts of ombre? There are two ways and it just depends on your path choice.

You can easily color your ombre strands with the color of your base line.  Need some help with that?  You may want to consult or have a professional give it a try as this can be tricky if you are like me and have a few different shades going on in your strands.

Her color is amazing but do not think for one minute that came out of a box. Seek a qualified colorist to give you the right color for this technique without harming your strands.

 "(according to) Beverly Hills celebrity colorist Kim Vo, you can achieve sombré with a single process and final toning glaze for shine. Which means that if you’re going to a salon to get the look, it’ll cost less than other more complicated color options." YouBeauty

The other option is to cut off your ombre strands but I'm not running into too many naturals willing to take such a drastic route.  If you do see your ends are suffering as a result of the bleaching then by all means cut it off!  Of course there is always the option to just play with chalk or sombre colored added hair achieve the effect so never feel pigeon-holed into one option naturals. 

Sombre can be yours so take it, run with it and enjoy your fall in rich browns, caramels and chestnuts.  Those colors will look great on us! 

Color smart Naturals,


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