Everything You Need To Go Silicone-Free

Some curlies love silicones (also known as “cones”) while many hate them. My hair loves them for about two days and then my hair accumulates product buildup and becomes weighty; a not so great feeling that makes me regret those two days when I was swinging my head like a little girl’s first press ‘n’ curl, but I digress.

NaturallyCurly Curl Chemist Tonya McKay says that silicones (inorganic) are made up of a backbone of repeating units of silicon bonded to oxygen, with small organic molecules forming a sheath around the outside of the molecule. They are used in rinse-off conditioners, intensive treatment conditioners and leave-in conditioners, where they reduce combing friction, provide an emollient effect, impart gloss, and reduce static charge between hair strands.

You can read the rest of my article over at Naturallycurly.com

Everything You Need To Go Silicone-Free


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