4 Reasons I Would Never Texturize My Natural Hair

4 Reasons I Would Never Texturize My Natural Hair

I love my natural hair…period. I love the texture, color, versatility and unpredictability it offers me daily and that even means on the so-called ‘bad hair days’. I am a natural of almost a decade and although the journey has had several ups and downs the path is paved with positivity and rainbows as far as I am concerned. 

That is why I would never get a texturizer in my hair and find them unnecessary as well as detrimental to my natural hair journey. No judgement on anyone who has thought about it, tried it or who happens to be rocking one right now. Your path is yours and mine is mine so how we choose to get to healthy hair is ours to take. I get and respect that. I am Just sharing what I would never do. 

Often, smart people say, “Never say never”, because our truth is fluid. What may be our truth one day, month or year may drastically change with the right circumstances or one may just feel differently about the same topic later in life. It is also hard to determine just what you might do in the perfect storm that will alter your way of thinking. 

Too many variables to say such a statement and mean it but at my present state I fully believe I will never texturize my hair. I’ve complied a list on why the thought texturizing my hair is not only ridiculous (for me) but downright impossible: 

Unpredictable results

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4 Reasons I Would Never Texturize My Natural Hair


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