2 Perfect Styles For Heat-Damaged Hair

Heat damage…the dreaded two word demon that can make a natural cry and ruin years of hard work of maintaining healthy hair.  “It’s the devil I tell you”, with my fist shaking in the air.  OK, back to reality.  

Heat damage or hair that does not revert back to its original curly, coily or kinky texture after wetting or washing.  It may seem brittle, limp, straight or rougher than usual and most assuredly drier than before the heat was applied.  Heat damage can occur within the very first application but often occurs after many applications of high heat.  

“Direct heat tools or appliances can cause the cuticles of your strands to be stripped off or break away from the surrounding fibers”. Urban Bush Babes

Can You REALLY Repair Split Ends?

As if that is not bad enough, the worst part about heat damage is that it is irreversible.  No, you cannot fix heat damage and the best way to handle it is to cut it off.  Now, many naturals do not like or want to do that all at once (understandably) so they are willing to work with it and clip it or trim it off over time.  

Just like long-term transitioning when first going natural, with heat damaged tresses you will be working with two different textures if you choose to trim the damaged hair over time.  A hassle?  Yes. Impossible?  No, because there re styles that will allow you to rock both textures by manipulating all the hair to curl or coil the same way.  

Samirah shares two videos that are perfect for naturals who find themselves in this perdiciment and even with the first video she actually has hair damage and you would never tell with the end results.  She has a great definition with her Chunky Flat Twist Out and her Spiral Bantu Knot out.  

Natural Hair | DEFINED Chunky Flat Twist Out

The Perfect NO HEAT Spiral Bantu Knot Out on Natural Hair !

Let’s steer clear of the heat damage but if we fall short we can still look good!  

Take care Naturals,

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