What’s In Your Spray Bottle For Fall?

What's In Your Spray Bottle For Fall?

There is a real need for Naturals to have a spray bottle mixture of oils / water / conditioners that she needs to keep her tresses moisturized.  It’s a quick pick me up for the hair whether you use it only at night before bed or a few times a day especially since the weather is changing.  Changes in weather can affect your hair so now that the temperatures are dipping, we need to get ready for fall with a change in our spray bottle

I actually needed to use it pretty often throughout the day when I first became Natural and don’t need it so much anymore but still use it at night.  I am also noticing that with each changing season I must alter my mixture to accomodate for the weather changes as well as my my living arrangements.  We live in Denver, CO and use a lot of heat so that means a lot of dryness in my house and out.  

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With changes like that I will be adding glycerin to my spray bottle in a few months but at the present moment it’s not needed.  Here is what I have in my spray bottle right now and it is what I have been using all summer:

Here is what is in my spray bottle this Summer:

Distilled Water
Lavender oil

Were you looking for more?  Sorry!  I have been real low key this past summer with this mixture above that I double as a spritzer for my hair and a refresher for my face in the morning.  I will, however end up with two spray bottle this fall with the mixture above and this one below:

Here is what will be in my spray bottle this Fall:

Distilled Water
Lavender oil
Knot Today Conditioner
Jojoba Oil

I am still tweaking my concoctions just like a few years ago when I wrote  Figuring, fixing, tweeking, and just a trying… I thought I had it all figured out or to be fair it was working at the time.  I was using Jamaican Black Castor Oil for a while as well but had an allergic reaction and stopped using that but have been real happy with what I’ve been using lately.

So I am steady listening to my hair and using what works but expect my fall concoction to be somewhat different from my Winter.

OK Naturals, what was in your spray bottle for Summer and what will you be using in Fall?

Stay moisturized Naturals,

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