Ingredients for the Slip-Addicted Naturalista

Are you addicted to slip? You know…slip! Our hair tends to be dry and the older it gets–or further from wash day–the dryer it gets. Curly or coily hair tends to curl or coil around itself and create tangles or knots (yes, knots) when dry. Many of us are always on the hunt for products that will properly coat the knots and tangles and allow them to glide through with a comb or our fingers easily and without much friction.  

Slip just describes how slippery a product is and that’s usually conditioners with some natural oils. Slip is a curlies best friend but what makes up the BEST slip? There’s an actual science to it and it’s more than what’s the most popular or the most expensive.  It’s what’s in the makeup of the product.  Here are a list of ingredients we see every day on the back of bottle and jar and as we skim over them do we really know what they do and how they give us the best slip possible?  Now, it’s time to see what makes all those products work so well.

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Ingredients for the Slip-Addicted Naturalista


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