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Deep Conditioning High Puff on Natural Hair

I truly just came up with this since I have been noticing some serious dryness in my hair.  It could be my using several different products recently, or me veering off from the CGM, or just the ridiculous changes in weather we have been having here in Colorado lately (last week snow, this week 90 degree weather). 

Whatever the reason I have been noticing a dryness that is not going to go away itself and I just cannot take the supposed-to-be-wash-and-go’s-but-ends-up-a-dry-ass-fro anymore.

So bleary-eyed and sleepy, I jumped in the shower this morning and preceded to give myself a deep conditioning high puff that I could wear to work on Casual Friday.  Now, do not feel this is just a style for Friday but it is a cute style and who doesn’t want to look cute on Friday?

How To: Deep Condition High Puff

I bent over under the shower stream and allowed the water to help bring my dry hair to the top of my head.  I always let the water do some of the work to combat tangling and me yanking out hairs.  I worked through it to get all of my hair to the front before adding my DC.

My DC or Deep Conditioner is pivotal to helping my hair regain it’s moisture so I used my “Holy Grail”, Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque    since I know it will get the job done right. I slathered it on liberally and worked my hair into a high puff and closed it up with a Goody’s Ouchless barrette just to hold.

Outside the shower I removed the barrette and did not do a full on plop or plopping (placing hair into a cloth or t-shirt and allow to dry) but rather slightly squeezed some of the DC out of my hair so it will not be soaking wet nor all white.  

I poured a small amount of Jojoba oil into the palm of my hand, rubbed them together and ran it onto my hair making sure to get it to the ends of my hair to help seal and because it will be out.  After that I placed my hair back into the ouchless barrette and placed two headbands on to help secure and because they are cute and viola! 

Now, you can still see some of the DC in my hair but not as much as when I first got out of the shower and most will be gone before I leave the house.  

Now, this took a little more time in the morning for work than usual but it was worth it to give my hair some extra love while I wait a few days for washday and doing a protein treatment to really boost my hair’s health.  I’ve been rocking a high puff on the weekends lately anyway so I just started it off early today.

I know you can see that distracting gray hair in the front.  Let’s just call it wisdom, shall we?

So, I will rock this all day at work, come home and take out the ouchless barrette to let it be free and to ensure it dries completely.  I may rinse it out (or not) and just do the high puff all weekend until wash day (Sunday) and pamper my tresses some more with a protein treatment.  

Catch up with you later Naturals,



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