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Curl Wand Curls On Natural Hair

Curl Wand Curls On Natural Hair

So, most of you already know that I showcase a different style, hair type or color on Facebook daily.  I love sharing gorgeous pics of naturals and the response has always been good. Well, a few days ago I decided to show Curl Wand curls and the response was overwhelming! 

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I mean, everyone wanted to know how to do it, where was the tutorial and who were these gorgeous women.  Well, most of you know I no longer use heat so no tutorial from me but you always know I come with the knowledge and more than wiling to share videos on tutorials that will benefit all.

What is the Curl Wand?
It is a curling iron without the clip.  It is a heat tool to curl your hair without clipping it in place and in turn create smooth, full, spirals.  

I hear the transition from a regular curling iron to a curling wand can be difficult but with amazing curls and spirals like the ones above, you at least gotta give it a try, right?  

Now, there are plenty on the market but I ran to Sally’s to get the 411 on the best ones.  Their best selling one is the Hot Shot Tools Ceramic Tapered Iron. They have a few different sizes and styles so you really just have to determine which one you prefer.  

The clerk’s personal favorite and the one she thinks would sell more if more knew it was there was the One ‘n Only Argan Heat Ceramic Taper Curling Wand.    It is a ceramic iron infused with Argan oil.  Cool, huh?  Oh, Argan Heat styling line is buy one get one free all month long at Sally’s. 

Now, I have seen many on videos using the one below.  It is the Remington Pearl Ceramic Professional Curling Wand and it comes with a glove and it’s pink! 

Honestly, you have to see for yourself which one would be better so I am sharing some videos below on some of the best curl wand curls I have seen.  

Natural Hair| Curling Wand Tutorial

Kanobi shows us just how easy and how beautiful curl wand curls can be on short hair.  I love her hair color and those curls are popping.  She even lets amazing 2nd day hair that looks almost better than freshly done.  

How to Use a Curling Wand on Natural Hair (No Blowdrying)

Natural Chica shows us how it’s done without blowdrying and that is a plus since too much heat can be bad for our tresses.  She starts on an old twist-out and does pull out her hand-held Q-Redew steamer.  Her hair is gorgeous and I love how she explains everything so well.

Soft Curls & Fluffy Waves Curling Wand Tutorial on Natural Hair

I love watching My Natural Sistas videos and India never disappoints.  She is a master at the curl wand curls and I had to share her fluffier style.  This is actually a two tutorial treat.

Curling Wand On My Natural Hair

Alicia starts off on freshly washed stretched hair and was inspired to the curling wand after seeing Natural Chica giving it a try.  I have to say her hair came out beautiful.  

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Hope everyone learned something new and please share your curling wand experiences as well as your favorite below!

Take care Naturals,


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