Friday, August 29, 2014

Is The Type 4 Wash And Go Really Taboo Or Is It All In Your Head?

Is The Type 4 Wash And Go Really Taboo Or Is It All In Your Head?

I would like you to address the misconception that only Type 3′s have wearable Wash and Gos, and that if you want your type 4 hair to look slightly decent, you will need a half a jar of Eco Styler gel. 

There are too many misconceptions that are floating around and getting stuck in our natural hair, seeping into our scalps and becoming thoughts and perceptions. Too much? Maybe. 

But there is an injustice, so to speak, that is self-inflicted for the silliest things like, hair typing, restricting your ability to create any style that you desire. Too much again? Hardly! 

There are too many naturals out here believing the hype that they cannot achieve a particular style because of a number they associate their tresses to on a hair typing scale. An example would be a woman with 4C hair trying to do a Wash and Go. Some won’t even give it a chance, as they are convinced they do not have the right texture or the right coils to do a Wash and Go. 

Most of us already know that a true Wash and Go is more than just the act of washing and going. It doesn’t matter what side of the chart you fall on, you have to do something to your hair before the ‘go’ part. Here’s a true depiction of a wash and go: 

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  1. The link to the rest of the article took me to a generic page where I had to guess what to click next or try a search. Too much trouble...


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