This is Why Your Edges are Breaking

Breaking edges is nothing new to curlies. Unfortunately, this is an affliction that many of us have experienced with relaxed hair, excessive straightening, and even with natural hair, so it’s a problem that needs attention. No one wants breakage, and experiencing this along your hairline can be hard to hide and even harder to not be self-conscious about. Many women are self-conscious of the thinning or breaking edges, but instead on fixing the problem they continue with the bad routines to hide them and the problem worsens.

The biggest culprit of breaking edges is our styling routines or hairstyles. It would seem that going natural would have eradicated the issue, but it’s not just relaxers that may be the problem.

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This is Why Your Edges are Breaking

It’s a dark day over here Naturals.  I just recently noticed mine were breaking too!  I am quickly backing away from the bad habits and listening to my own advice on this post. It’s so easy to get caught up and get lazy with your tresses. I fell victim to the last two so don’t let it happen to you!  (Sorry for sounding so cryptic)

Have you fallen victim to breaking edges?  Share below and how you fixed the problem.

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