Summer Series: Emergency Travel Stash

Yikes! You were so busy getting everything in that suitcase that you forgot your coveted hair products. In your mind you can see them sitting ever so lonely on your bathroom counter wondering why they didn’t get to go to the Caribbean, Italy, Australia, or wherever you decided to take a break from reality for a few weeks. Even worse, maybe you forgot to transfer your products to 3oz container and now, your 6oz products are in the trash can. You are in panic mode and cannot wait for the plane to land so you can figure out just what to do. Well, panic no more. We’ve got some help for you that may just salvage your vacation, so you can relax, enjoy, and still protect your tresses.


Many airports have necessities that a lot of tourists need because let’s face it…most of us will forget something. They also know that many tourists are waiting on flights or have to stay overnight. So, even abroad some places have great airports with little stores filled with some hair care products. Now, don’t get it twisted…you are not going to find your favorite shampoo or conditioner by any means. You are getting the basic of the basic but hey, something is better than nothing and below I’ll explain how you can spruce it up.

Get the remaining tips from my summer series below: 

Summer Series: Emergency Travel Stash


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